Joel Klein Should NOT Become Education Secretary!

Please sign the petition (especially Obama supporters!) at:

There are other excellent petitions in opposition to a Klein appointment.

This petition is directed at members of the New York City
congressional delegation (who will be asked to weigh in) and specific
members of Obama's transition team.

To the NYC Congressional Delegation and Advisors to President-Elect

We write regarding the consideration of NYC Chancellor Joel Klein for
a position in the Obama Administration.

We are aware that Chancellor Klein has received national attention for
his supposed achievements in improving public education in NYC. Sadly,
the reputation of Chancellor Klein's administration is based on myth,
not reality.

The last seven years of the Klein administration has seen not a NYC
"miracle" but rather:

* a public relations exercise camouflaging the systematic
elimination of parental involvement;
* an obsessively test-driven culture;
* a growing atmosphere of fear, disillusionment, and intimidation
experienced by professionals; and
* a flagrant manipulation of school data in contradiction to study
after study and results from the National Assessment of Educational
Progress (NAEP).

New York City has one of the lowest rates of graduation of black and
Latino students of any city in the country – with the most recent data
showing a persistent drop in the number of children of color gaining
admission to the city's highest performing schools – and an appalling
achievement gap that has been virtually untouched during Klein's
tenure. NYC's teachers, those closest to the impact of the Klein
years, give the chancellor a 20% approval rating, lower than even
President Bush.

As parents and teachers, we urge you to eliminate Joel Klein from the
list of those being considered for a position in the Obama
Administration. His lack of transparency and failure to demonstrate
responsiveness to grass roots communities is most assuredly not what
we need to move our nation's education agenda forward.