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LGBT Protest against Mormon Financing of Ballot Measure

Out-FM radio producer John Riley covers the surging LGBT movement spawned by the defeat of same-sex marriage in California, including protests against the Mormon Church’s funding of California’s anti–same-sex marriage constitutional amendment. An estimated 5 to 15 thousand protestors attended the rally and march outside of the NYC Mormon temple. Also an interview with one of the new generation of LGBT marriage activists that organized a 3,000 person anti-proposition 8 rally in a few days.

Also:Out-FM producer Chris Thomas’s examination of the politics behind the threatened revolt of the “Gang of 3” Democrats in the New York State Senate. These three Democratic state senators have threatened defection from the choice of Malcolm Smith as the Senate majority leader. One of the key issues that angers these three appears to be Smith’s support of gay marriage. This might put the Republicans in a powerful position to veto redistricting and other measures they have long blocked.
Gang of 3 NY State Senators: Left to right, Pedro Espada Jr. , Carl Kruger, Ruben Diaz Sr.

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