Threads That Teach

Threads That Teach

Tuesday, December 2nd, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Blender Theatre @ Gramercy
127 E. 23rd St., NYC

New York, NY, 11/20/08 – On Tuesday, December 2nd, Threads That Teach will be holding its first annual holiday benefit concert. Not only will they be raising money for inner city arts education, but they are also taking this opportunity to showcase local rising talent. This year Threads That Teach is pleased to present Kings County Caravan (, a collective of artists straight out of Brooklyn. Their sound is an Americana grab-bag of rock, folk, alt-country, boogie-woogie, soul & blues. The talent lineup for the night includes Kenny Cambre, Alabama Steve, Reverend John DeLore, and Kara Suzanne & The Gojo Hearts. This charity event is sure to be a great way to start off the joyous holiday season.

*Silent Auction of unique holiday gifts*
Thanks to a combination of donations from the music community and local businesses, there will be a silent auction full of great items such as a New York Dolls package, including a CD, t-shirt, & tickets to their next show! Concert attendees will have the chance to bid early in the night on amazing items not easily found in stores. All winners will be announced just before the night comes to a close.

Concert tickets are $10 each and are on sale to the public in advance at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza Box Office, located at 17 Irving Place (cross street: 15th St.) in Manhattan or the night of the show at the Blender Theater at Gramercy.

About Threads That Teach
Threads That Teach is a local non-profit organization, founded to assist inner city public schools in raising funds for their classes in arts education. It has been scientifically proven that students who participate in the arts do better in other academic areas, and are more likely to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. With the government's budget cuts in arts education, Threads That Teach is devoted to making sure that students are adequately exposed to arts in the classroom at that most impressionable middle-school age, when major personal and intellectual growth is starting to take place. (

About Kings County Caravan
The brainchild of singer-songwriters Kara Suzanne & the Rev. John DeLore, Kings County Caravan revives the package tours of old. Four singer-songwriting-rock-n-roll troubadours Kara Suzanne, Rev. John Delore, Kenny Cambre, and Alabama Steve are joined onstage by Suzanne’s acclaimed band The Gojo Hearts. The struggles they’ve encountered honing their craft while living in Brooklyn has created a family bond that translates to the stage and envelopes everyone present. They put on a seamlessly flowing show that’s been called “one of the most honest, soulful and rocking nights of music I’ve ever experienced.” (