Note: We will have carpools from NYC to the below event and we are currently looking for speakers at the Reuniting 2009 Event. Read more below.


There is an amazing momentum of exploitation by the United States over not
just the past eight years, but by those of European descent dating back
over the past several hundred years, back through the "enlightenment". The
enlightenment following the Middle Ages may have truly been so, but the
entire Community of Life now needs humans to have a more complete
"enlightenment." Some might describe this as "conscious evolution". In
the midst of a worldwide financial crisis, and in the beginning stages of a
serious worldwide economic meltdown, never before has it been so important
for humans to develop perceptions of the underlying problems facing us.

I see the financial and economic problems really as symptoms; of Peak Oil,
Resource Depletion, Climate Change, and Over Population. These problems
really are imminently solvable, but only if we are able to perceive them as
problems. And this goes a long way in explaining why Bonnie and I have
taken on the Entropy Pawsed project. We desire to demonstrate a fulfilled,
joyful nature linked, low energy lifestyle, in the hope that we may leave a
reasonable world to all our children of future generatioans. I have never
been more sure the paradigm of growth economics no longer works. However,
this realization must percolate throughout the world if humans are to have
a chance of solving these problems peacefully. Potential wars of the 21st
century will make those of the 20th century look like child's play. If we
do not proactively take definitive actions to solve these overriding
problems, nature will in the ways described in the Bible as famine, war,
pestilence, disease.

I urge all humans to begin to cultivate a strong positive and realistic
vision for the future. And may we all seek the perseverance, courage,
wisdom, and strength to make our strong positive vision a reality. "Now
our minds are One".

EntropyPawsed is located in a rural remote mountain valley at the base of
the Appalachian Plateau to the west, and the Yew Mountains to the east.
When we first got the property in 2001, I spent the next two years really
exploring the area around us. The mature forest here was remarkable,
especially since most of the land is privately held. While we are within
the boundaries of the Monongahela National Forest, the closest forest
service holding is south of the Falls of Hills Creek, about a days walk
north. Coming south from there, the land is owned by Plum Creek (the
largest private land owner in the United States), then Meadwestvaco, then
Coastal Timberlands, then a some local "regular people" neighbors before
EntropyPawsed. At the time I thought that it cannot be too long until much
of the land is logged again.

In fact, over the past three years or so, the amount of logging around us
has been staggering. And while forests in this part of the world do
regrow, the devastation brought to the land by commercial logging
operations is hard to fathom unless one witnesses it firsthand. Logging is
just one modern methodology (automobiles, earthmoving, football, public
education, etc...) imbedded with significant but largely human inured

I eagerly anticipate the end of the fossil fuel era in large part because I
believe it means a real and needed reduction in the level of violence
humans perpetrate upon the land, the living beings, and other humans. In
the meantime, we here at EntropyPawsed advocate for a simpler, nature
linked low energy lifestyle. Conditions of financial markets and oil
markets are such that a simpler lifestyle will be imposed upon just about
everyone at sometime in the not too distant future. So one might say we
are exploring the future.

Frank Gifford has a BS, Business Administration from The Ohio State
University. He describes himself as a former business man. Since then, he
taught in various settings such as Teen Camp Director at a Summer Day Camp,
a Resource Teacher at a camp Outdoor Education Program, guided hikes and
outings and is currently cofounder of Entropy Pawsed.

Entropy Pawsed has two wonderful, free of charge events coming up!
Registration is required at both events and donations are accepted to help
defray out of pocket expenses such as food. The first event is the Spring
2009 Open House that will start noon April 25th, 2009, with tours of the
property, and some mini workshops on sawdust toilet and small solar
electric systems. Camping is available for a limited number of attendees.
Entropy Pawsed will have a campfire and cookout/potluck in the evening, and
impromptu music and more. Bring your instruments! See website for more
information at for more details and printable
brochures. The second event takes place from June 11th, 2009 through June
14th, 2009 and is being organized by Entropy Pawsed in West Virginia, the
Peace Communities, a coalition of progressive groups in Olympia, and
independent healthcare justice organizers nationwide. It is called
‘Reuniting, Recreating and Relocalizing 2009.’ During this event, take
the time to reunite with nature and with friends, learn something about
permaculture, immerse yourself in nature, and jump into fun, hands-on
educational work projects. For more information please see the
‘Reuniting, Recreating and Relocalizing 2009’ website at


Those unable to attend the ‘Reuniting, Recreating and Relocalizing 2009’ event are encouraged to
join the Peace Communities Social Networking Website and Online Community
found here: - Either way, we look forward to
uniting and reuniting with everyone soon!

Photo descriptions (in order):

1. The Photo with only scenery (and no people in it) is Panther Camp Creek
valley in WV. Entropy Pawsed is just left of and below center. Photo
Credit, Frank

2. Dr. Bonnie Gifford with a medical student group in West Virginia. Photo
Credit, Frank Gifford.

3. Frank Gifford with fawn on the property at Entropy Pawsed in West
Virginia. Photo Credit, Dr. Bonnie Gifford.

4. Frank Gifford with Alternative Spring break group in West Virginia.
Photo Credit, T