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Progress or Regress? : Considering the Future of Leftist Politics under Obama

FREE and open to the public
Saturday, December 6th 2008

Silver Center (NYU)
Room 405
100 Washington Square East

Panelists include:
Chris Cutrone (Platypus)
Stephen Duncombe (author of Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy)
Pat Korte (New School SDS)
Charles Post (Solidarity)
Paul Street (author of Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics, 2008)

The Platypus Affiliated Society in New York presents a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A to critically evaluate the widespread assumption that the election of Barack Obama presents an opportunity for today's Leftists. Asking how opportunity can be distinguished from opportunism, Platypus has invited several intellectuals and activists to publicly think through the foreseeable pitfalls and potentials posed by the passing of the Bush-era into the age of Obama.


For questions regarding this event please e-mail Pamela Nogales at  pnogal@gmail.com
or call 773-679-0529