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The Center is a syndicate of strategically-minded anarchist soldiers of fortune—psychotic individuals pitilessly destroying post-modern civilization at every available opportunity; living like debonair criminals, the kind of people who use stolen limousines as getaway cars; who build infernal machines that sow chaos and confusion; who obliterate golden calves and stone tablets alike, who eat gods. We are the lords of our Company, the enemies of God, pity, and mercy.

Not content to merely react to the forces of misery, we constantly refine our strategy, always seeking to use the enemy's prejudices and pretenses to our advantage. Fighting to destroy hierarchy while neglecting to think strategically is like resigning one's self to eating soup with a knife. Refusing to respond to the enemy's incursions with apathy or outrage in the manner of the loyal opposition, both pathetic reactions worthy only of scorn, we observe our opponents in order to gain advantages in battle. We dash in headlong, but never indiscriminately, always with a plan, and it is in this manner that we become the proverbial hot knife to power's stick of cold butter.