"Mission Accomplished"

"Mission Accomplished"

Red shoes, the angels wanna throw my red shoes!
–apologies to Elvis Costello.

So, I'm poring over the Drudge Report in my daily search for cheap laffs, and finding out what the Enemy is up to, and I come across this AP dispatch from Baghdad reporting on the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Chimp, and thinking "whoa, that's some cheap laffs – and he almost hit the sonofabitch, too! Sweet!" and move on with whatever I was doing. Later that day, I go by Drudge again, and find another story from AFP noting that the perpetrator of this "shoe-icide attack" is being hailed as a hero in most of the Arab World, and the next thing I know the whole world's raising hell to get the guy out of prison, it's being reported that he's being beaten in custody, there are demonstrations and rallies all over in solidarity, and I'm thinking...holy shit, this story's really grown some goddamn' legs, man!

Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the Dead!
–Firesign Theatre.

11x17 inches, color.

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