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JFAV Update
Dec. 16, 2008

JFAV Represents in Big Events in Washington and SFO

Los Angeles—The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) continues it unrelenting advocacy even in the advent of the Christmas season 2008.

While the Filipino Veterans Support Bill, SB 3689 hangs in the balance like SB 1315, different JFAV chapters continued it activities everywhere.

1. Dec.8. 2008- Atty Nedo Valera represented the JFAV during the necrological services for the departed veterans Jack Tejada, 85 in Washington DC. Atty Valera is also the executive director of the Migrant Heritage Commission (HMC) based in Washington DC is also the legal counsel of JFAV.

Jack Tejada was laid to rest last Dec. 12 . He was given a memorial services by Filipino American organizations led by JFAV, MigrantsHeritage Commission, NAFFAA. ACFV, NAFVE and the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC last Dec. 8.

2. Dec. 10- JFAV San Francisco led by veteran leaders Gomer Bondad and Reggie Nacua with Ago Pedalizo and Violy Reyes represented JFAV at the ABS-CBN Community meeting at its studio in the Bay Area.

JFAV discussed with the Veterans Equity Center the JFAV stand on the lump sum bill SB 36879 now pending in the US Congress. The VEC still stands for “ Total Equity” and pointed the lump sum bill is flawed.

On the other hand, while JFAV do not publicly endorses SB 3689, it criticizes the facts that SB 3689 1) has no recognition for Filvets, 2) there is a quit claim clause 3) no provisions for widows of the veterans. Therefore there is a great difference between the VEC stand and the JFAV position on the matter. JFAV might pursue different strategy and tactics on the veterans equity struggle.

Los Angeles Area

3. Dec.8--JFAV also announced it formed the Association of Widows, Advocates and Relatives for Equality (AWARE) last Dec. 8 in an organizing meeting held at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC). It has an initial 35 members.

4. JFAV also supported the UHW rally/picket at the Radisson Hotel against the SEIU International who held an elections last Dec. 11 at around 5:00 PM. More than 300 people attended the rally.

JFAV leaders Faustino Baclig and Jack Vergara with Arturo P. Garcia represented the veterans. Pastor Benny Aranas and Romy Borje from the Filipino American community were also at the UHW-West rally. Also present were labor movement icon and UFW leader Dolores Huerta and UHW President Sal Roselli.

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