Brothers and Sisters,

These are volatile times. As we all know, on December 6th one of our comrades was shot and killed in Greece. Our brothers and sisters in Athens, ThessalonĂ­ki, Dimitrios and all around the country that claims to be "the birthplace of democracy" have shown the Greek government and the governments of the world what they will get if they continue to ignore the needs of the worker and continue to show us where their true allegiances lie by bailing out their friends: the banks and the corporations. The entire world is covered in gasoline, Greece is only where the first match was struck.
Saturday, the 20th of December has been called as a day of solidarity straight from the burning streets of Athens. Numerous acts of solidarity have been performed already by our comrades from every corner of the world, from Warsaw to Melbourne to Pittsburgh. Here in New York, the Greek consulate has been vandalized. In cities like London and Berlin, the consulates and embassies of the murderers have been occupied and the black and red flags have been raised in place of that of the oppressor, and just this morning the GSEE building in Greece. This Saturday we propose that we finally bring the struggle here to the heart of the Empire, the United States of America, by doing the same. We propose the destruction of the State, because the Greeks are not the only ones murdered by capitalism. We call for direct action and solidarity throughout all of the cities of the US and of the world.
Here in New York, the anarchist presence has been overwhelmingly nonexistant. In the city where the capitalists both exercise their greed on Wall Street and flaunt it in Times Square, a coherent and positive statement must be made. That is why this Saturday, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Greece, who are actively fighting the fascism of the State on their burning streets every day, we call for an attack, and the liberation of, the Greek consulate. We call for all anarchists, communists, syndicalists, and likemided activists to fight against the fascism of the state and the collective hallucinations of property and capital. We call for a large contingent of anrchists from across the New York metro area to once and for all give the fascist police and politicians, who are simply puppets of the corporations and the corporatist state in which we are forced to live, a taste of their own medicine. There is certainly a time for peaceful protest, but we all know that the police, our enemy, will not be thinking about peace when they are preparing to suppress us. The capitalists kill every day, in the name of their God, the dollar bill. We must be ready. Know that this is the beginning of a revolution that will be bigger than all of us, and that we will all be a part of, in which we will all do our part. On Saturday we will meet at midday at 78th and Park. We will walk towards the consulate, against the will of the fascist cops and liberate it forcibly, with molotov cocktails and a thirst for freedom. We will take down and burn the flags of the Greek government and of the despicable bastion of free-trade, the European Union. We will replace them with the red and black flags of anarcho-communism. We will make the government "property" of a murderous State into a space for the community, similar to what has been done to the city halls of towns like Dimitrios and the embassies of London and Berlin, and institute true freedom and council democracy and decision making.
Please, if you are willing and able, come to the Greek consulate in New York City in solidarity with those fighting for freedom in Greece, and help us to do the same here in the Empire. We are not going to sit back and wait for the Revolution to happen, we are starting it now. This is the beginning, and we will fight until the end. And so it begins...
Bronx Anarcho-Communist Alliance

Saturday, December 20th, 2008
79th between Madison and Park Ave
Meet at 78th and Park at Noon