Hamburg Anonymous Innoculating Customers

Hamburg Anonymous Innoculating Customers

If you haven't hedard about Project Chanology yet, or about the collective known as Anonymous, the URL offered is a link to a highly detailed history and examination of the on-line phenomena.

Idiotically, the right-wing mainstream media have joined the left and centric mainstream as depicting Anonymous as a beneficial force for good, opposing the crimes and abuses of the Scientolgy corporation and, while usually briefly mentioning unsavory acts of Channers at the birth of Chanology, give Anonymous a thumbs up.

There have been amusingly idiotic exceptions, of course. FOX "News" called Anonymous "Hackers on steriods," much to the great amusement of not only Anonymous and Channers but to non-aligned combatants the world over.

Project Chanology shows the world how the Internet can be a tool for effective "disorganized organizing" -- provided all the cards are right, the target of opposition is recognized widely in the real world as deserving of opposition, and creativity, wit, and humor are applied.

Absolutely check out the link, even if you know about Chanology, even if you're a participant of the collective.