Between 1000 and 1500 people marched marched from Rockefeller Center to the Israeli Consulate on 2nd Avenue to protest the Israeli government's bombings in Gaza.

The march, which, seemed even larger because of the huge crowds lining 5th Avenue in the unseasonably warm weather, was made up mostly of Palestinian and other Arab Americans, and maintained an extraordinary level of spirit and militancy for several hours. There was also a sizeable contingent from International Answer and several other Marxist political organizations.

There were few references to and no seemingly little interest in protesting the newly elected administration of Barack Obama or to incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As the many signs referencing the Holocaust, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the problem of genocide as a whole seemed to indicate, there was a good deal of emphasis alternately on engaging and or shaming the American Jewish community. While several Jewish groups, including the small anti-Zionist orthodox sect The Neturei Karta, marched alongside to show their support, there was little sign of the larger progressive community as a whole. There were no speakers, counterprotests, or serious incidents with the police.