Protestors at Monday's Rally

Protestors at Monday's Rally

New York City residents and activists sprung into quick action as soon as the Israeli bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip in Palestine began. Numerous protests, sponsored and organized by a variety of pro-Palestine and peace organizations, have occurred, all calling for an immediate end to the violence in the Gaza Strip and an end to U.S. military aid to Israel.

December 28, the day after the start of the Israeli attacks, saw thousands of people march in New York City, from Rockefeller Center to the Israeli Consulate on 2nd Ave. Click here to view photos taken by New York City Labor Against the War. For additional photos click here and here.

The next day saw even more protests. Adalah-NY organized a symbolic funeral procession , attended by thousands, that went from Herald Square to Bryant Park. To view photos, visit Adalah-NY’s website here.

The latest action took place Tuesday evening on December 30th, with hundreds protesting outside of Israel’s UN Mission in midtown Manhattan. To read a report by Zahra Hankir, click here.

More actions are planned for later this week. A call has been put out by a coalition of organizations urging people to come out this Saturday at Times Square for another demonstration against the Israeli strikes in Gaza.