Is facebook a site of resistance? (no pun intended) Probably not. But nonetheless, activists who use their profiles to spread the word about the Gaza massacre or organize for an end to the ruthless Israel war machine should be careful.

Earlier this afternoon, I noticed a friend and fellow activist from North Carolina changed her profile picture to an insignia reminisct of the IDF. This one, however, read Jewish Internet Defense Force.

A Palestinian herself, all week she had been using her facebook to spread the word about demos and post articles about the massacre on the ground in Gaza. The new profile picture seemed out of place.

Then her "status" (facebook lingo for short updates on the users current activities) was changed to a plea. "Report the hackers," it read, "Click here!" Then it all made sense. She had been hacked by this "Defense Force."

I looked at some other groups. One called "End the Siege," created by a Palestinian journalist in Gaza which had over 15,000 members, also had its profile picture changed.

Stupidly, I clicked the link on her profile instructing me to report the group.

Next thing I know, I'm blocked out of facebook. I ask a friend to look at my profile, who informs me its been changed to the same ridiculous insignia.

Internet "activism," if it can even be called that, is often a distraction from the real struggles which are and should be taking place in our communities and on the streets. A person-to-person conversation, like a physical action, is always more powerful than sending out mass e-mails or posting (like i'm doing right now!) to a political website. That being said, I've also found social networking tools like Facebook or Myspace an effective way to spread the word and get people to come out to an event. I guess I just got a little too public with it...

In any case, beware. And if any of you hacktivists out there have the time to pay a little retribution to the pigs over at the "Jewish Internet Defense Force," that would be much appreciated.

Free, Free Palestine....