According to a Picture the Homeless press release, "the last of the Right to the City Eight were released from Central Booking, after spending more than 24 hours locked up. Many thanks to all of you who turned out for this morning's press conference, or made calls to the police or the Mayor's office, or spread the word to friends and allies. The police response shows that the Mayor is vulnerable and nervous, and we need to keep the pressure up. And the PRESS response shows that people are paying attention. So stay tuned as we turn up the heat."

The eight were arrested after "members of the Right to the City NY Alliance (which includes Picture the Homeless) stormed the boardroom where the Mayor was meeting with the CEO's of several major companies." To see the original post from the open-publishing newswire, click here .

To listen to a audio interview with Picture the Homeless organizer Rob Robinson, click here . Another audio interview is available on the Picture the Homeless blog here .

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