More than 400 students assembled today at the Quad in Brooklyn College today to call for an end to the proposed $600 tuition hike for City University of New York students. NY State Governor David Paterson proposed the increase as one part of a series of budget cutbacks which will negatively impact the state's education, transportation and social services systems. Demonstrators today demanded no tuition increase and called for full funding for public higher education.

Paterson's budget cuts come in response to steep decline in tax revenues from Wall Street as a result of the now global economic crisis. New York has an extreme dependence on Wall Street taxation which accounts for nearly 1/3 of overall income.

Paterson has chosen not to act on proposals offered by progressive groups to increase taxation on the state's top 5% income earners and to install a more progressive tax structure. More radical measures, proposed by groups such as the Socialist Party USA, to tax all property - including holdings of stocks and bonds - and to create a tax on stock transactions have similarly been disregarded in favor of cuts.

Brooklyn College is the latest in a series of CUNY demonstration demanding an end to the proposed tuition increases. Students at City College, Hunter, BMCC and Queens College have also held demonstrations and walk-outs. A resurgent, independent CUNY movement can play a key role in energizing the fight-back against budget cuts.

Tax the rich to clean up their mess!
Education is our right, not a privilege!

for more information contact the NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA