Wakeup Call was also a target of the so-called Christmas Coup, with the firing and banning of popular hosts Bernard White, Amy Goodman and producers Sharan Harper and Errol Maitland. That period ended with the triumphant return of the program - and its signature a cappella theme by Sweet Honey in the Rock - and the exodus, in disgrace, of the coupsters.

Ironically, this time Amy Goodman's program is being used as the club with which the new coupsters hope to kill the popular program. But at a meeting last night of Take Back WBAI coalition, strong resolve was evident on the part of many listeners and some producers to protect their favorite morning wakeup. Some expressed amazement, and others anger, that Goodman would stand for her program to be used as a weaponm against her former program and former colleagues while others said it was premature to criticize her, since her position on the coup has not yet been made known.

As part of the discussion last night, those of the banned and fired in attendance (some via telephone) discussed the mechanics of producing the program off-site and airing it over a new internet radio station that launched yesterday with the show's news headlines. That station - www.WBAIX.org - announced at its launch that it would offer programming time to all of the fired and banned producers and other victims of the current coup, as well as new content, including video.