The third G20 summit is going to be in Pittsburgh, Pa., on September 24 and 25, 2009. The challenge before the movements for economic and social justice, as well as the antiwar movement, is that the next meeting of the powers that govern the world economy be met with a powerful mass mobilization demanding that jobs and social needs, and not war and greed, prevail--here in the U.S., and across the world.

The G20 summits are taking place in response to the greatest worldwide economic crisis since the 1930s. However, the purpose of these high-level meetings of governments and bankers is not to rescue the people of the world from depression-level unemployment, evictions, homelessness, poverty, social and economic inequality, and war. These summits are about fixing the economic and financial order that puts profits before people--and fixing that system by creating more poverty, misery and suffering.

The last G20 summit, held in London in early April, was met with massive protests both in London and throughout Europe. Now that the G20 is coming to the U.S., it is up to activists and organizations in the U.S. to take up the challenge of uniting and working together to organize a mobilization to Pittsburgh during the summit.

Many had expected New York City to be the location of next G20. Yet once it was confirmed that Pittsburgh would be the summit location, organizers immediately began preliminary logistical planning for a mass mobilization there in September.

Organizing for the G20 summit in Pittsburgh was the central theme of a People’s Economic Summit meeting in New York City on May 31. Consistent with the theme of that summit, “A New World is Urgently Needed–But we must Fight for it,” the more than 200 activists and 35 organizations in attendance agreed to work tirelessly over the summer to expand the network of grassroots activists and organizations to bring thousands of protestors to Pittsburgh.

Activists at the People's Economic Summit also agreed that the response to the next G20 should not be confined to the U.S., and that there should be a global response to the summit. Accordingly, activists and organizations across the world will be urged to endorse this call for protest against the G20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh, and to organize globally coordinated protests during the summit in September.

The potential for massive global mobilization in September is truly infinite. Together, let’s begin the work required to realize that powerful potential.

Another world is possible, but we must fight for it.

The Bail Out The People Movement

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