The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now has come together to lead a disciplined and patriotic search for answers about September 11th towards one tangible goal: the creation of an independent and impartial subpoena powered investigation into the September 11th attacks on our great nation.


In the words of its Chairmen, Governor Thomas Kean and Representative Lee Hamilton: “Set Up To Fail”. On November 3, 2009, the voters of New York City will have the power to mandate the formation of a new investigation to finally succeed at addressing the unanswered questions surrounding the tragedy we as Americans will never forget.


Honor our country and all she stands for by raising your voice in support of an investigation that answers to nothing and to no one but evidence and fact wherever they may lead. Join the families, first responders and survivors of September 11th and millions of proud citizens in support of the principles and the freedom for which our forefathers fought and died.

Please join the 45297 New Yorkers who have faced up to the terrible fact that all is not right in America and particularly New York.



We, the Families, First Responders and Survivors of September 11 raise our voice with those from across our country and around the world in support of NYC CAN and the establishment of an independent, impartial subpoena powered investigation into the events surrounding the September 11 attacks on our nation.

We believe a new investigation is our only path forward to the answers and accountability every American deserves and our only path back to the moral high ground upon which our great nation was built.

We unite with NYC CAN and the citizens of the City of New York in support of an unbiased nonpolitical rendering of evidence and fact wherever they may lead and ask every American and every concerned citizen of the world, in defense of our nation and in defense of freedom, to join with us today.


Thank you for reading this and allowing it to be published here on New York's very own Indypendent News site.