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ccr flier

We live in the most destructive culture in history. CO2 emissions are threatening all life on earth, 90% of the world’s large fish are already gone, there is an island of plastic in the ocean the size of Africa, 16,000 children starve to death every day, yet billions of pounds of food end up in toxic landfills, and over 100 species go extinct every day, due to the destruction of life-giving rainforests. In spite of all this, civilization’s planetary havoc is actually accelerating rather than decreasing. Our population is continuing to rise, and we’re pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into an effort to drive the economy - all productive and consumptive industries - up. In other words, this culture, this civilization is stoking, rather than extinguishing, the fires that are destroying our home planet.

It’s absolutely insane, and it has to stop, but public outcry, petitions, and environmental protection laws have proven useless at even slowing the onslaught. Corporate greenwash about techno-sustainable utopia fantasies, eco-groovy green architecture, and “green capitalism” are all equally useless. Such ideas have generated virtually no progress toward true sustainability, and offer no evidence for future solutions. Greenwash is, in fact, insidious, and a large contributor to the problem, because it allows many people to believe a solution is already “on its way” from above. Anyone who’s looked closely at the problem, however, knows that this culture of maximum production and consumption for profit is not “busy” coming up with a solution. It is blindly driving the entire planet’s population right off a cliff. We must wake up to the horror, and act to save ourselves.


Who are we? We are 6 New York City-area activists who met at a conference called Deep Green Resistance, which was led by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Kieth, and Aric McBay. DGR was an amazing and inspiring experience. About 50 radical, environmentally-conscious people got together for an entire weekend of open, popcorn-style workshops. We attempted to answer questions like:

“What are the real causes of environmental destruction, and what strategies will work to effectively stop them?”

“Where are the vulnerabilities in the industries that are funding, protecting, and carrying out the destruction?”

“What kind of support do we need from the broader environmental movement in order to carry out an effective resistance campaign?”

By the end of the weekend, we had come up with a strong vision - a sense of what strategies are appropriate, what the resistance will look and feel like, how to begin, and how to see the resistance to its conclusion.

In hopes of carrying our vision forward, we are hosting our own weekend-long conference near Millerton, NY on the weekend of June 19th, 20th and 21st. It will be a weekend of camping out in the lush forest, connecting with nature, and thinking proactively about how to stop environmental destruction. All meals will be provided (in a house with a kitchen and bathrooms), and there will be games and nature walks to break up the workshops.

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