Band Aid Approach To Hemorrhaging Health Care System
Continues To Prevail
U.S. Congressman John Conyers

The economic crisis has increased the urgency for real health care reform
now, yet the President and Congress persist in advocating half measures,
ignoring the real problem, the health insurance industry. But, the voices for
comprehensive, meaningful reform like Rep. Conyers, whose legislation
HR 676, a single payer or Medicare for all bill continue to be raised.
Rep. Conyers makes the case for health care for all at an event honoring
one of the most vocal proponents of single payer, Marilyn Clement,
National Coordinator of Healthcare-Now!
Do You Want To Get Sick To Your Stomach
Then Think About The Cost Of Being Sick In America
Dr. David Himmelstein, primary care physician,
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
and co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program

A frightening look at a new Harvard study finds that medical problems
contributed to nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcies. Surprisingly, most of
those bankrupted by medical problems had health insurance. Covering
the uninsured isn’t enough, but unfortunately, Washington politicians
seem all too ready to cave in to insurance firms. We’ll also examine the
highlights of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s draft health care bill, circulated Friday,
which some say is the most liberal in Congress, and find out if it is.
Billionaire Bloomberg Thinks If You Can’t Pay For Your Own Book
You Don’t Need To Read & Lays Off 25% of Public Library Staff
. Eileen Muller, Pres., B'klyn Public Library Guild, DC 37, AFSCME
. Carol Thomas, Pres., N.Y Public Library Guild, DC 37, AFSCME
. Margalit Susser, Pres., Queens Library Guild, DC 37, AFSCME

More than nine hundred layoffs of staff from the N.Y. Public Library, the
Queens Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library, which will
decimatethe services they provide, are proceeding, despite a recent
agreement between Bloomberg and the Municipal Labor Committee that
will delay other municipal worker layoffs for three months in exchange for
health care concessions by the workers.
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