ROME - On the second day of his visit to Rome, Muammar Gaddafi made some unyielding statements to those who defend immigrants on principle, the majority of whom do not meet the requirements to be recognised as refugees, but are simply ''hungry Africans who are politically unaffiliated. They do not know who the political parties are, and they are not involved in the elections.'' The Libyan leader did not abandon for an instant the cliche's that have always characterised him, as he faced every potentially delicate issue with determination. On illegal immigration, Gaddafi used a crude, yet effective image to make his point: ''let the Italian government stop defending you from immigration. Let millions of people enter the country'' and then ''you will need a dictator to protect you''. He then added ironically: ''let the human rights organisations find them jobs, treat them medically, and do everything else they need''. Irony again was not lacking when he said: ''would you accept a million political refugees? If you would, it would be a great thing, I would help you, if you want a million Africans, who would then turn into two, twenty, fifty million, then I am with you''. He took a very hard stance on colonialism. In Gaddafi's view, former colonising countries must ''acknowledge that they have stolen Africa's resources, colonised the continent, and in the past, treated its people like animals''. ''Apologies must be made for this and it must never be repeated again,'' added the colonel in his speech at La Sapienza University in Rome. ''We will tell the G8 that resources have been stolen and now it is necessary to negotiate compensation,'' he explained. In this way only ''can immigration be stopped, dealing with today's greatest challenge''. The colonel did not miss out on the chance to attack the United States, which he compared to Bin Laden, for its attack on Libya in 1986, ''What is the difference between America's attack in 1986 on our homes,'' he asked, ''and Bin Laden's terrorism?''. ''If Bin Laden does not have a state, he is an outlaw,'' he added, ''America is a state with international regulations''. Thanks to the United States, continued Gaddafi, today Iraq has become ''an open arena'' for al Qaeda's terrorism. ''Iraq was a fortress against terrorism,'' he explained. ''With Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda could not enter the country, now, thanks to the US, it is an open arena for terrorism and benefits al Qaeda.'' (ANSAmed).