Shooting Victim, Tehran.,
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An endless sea of Iranian students joined by regular folks, outraged by an oppressive regime which appeals endlessly to some historical legitimacy, long ago lost. Militia's and plainclothes storming Tehran's campus and shooting random protesters before running away. Does this sound familiar? The leadership better hope they can get reservations at the Shah's old hotel.

The BBC's extraordinary dashboard of electronic resources, from Twitter channels to video sharing to message boards, shows just how powerful each of us can be. Tehran is using it: a warning to all governments.

Pictures coming out via Twitter and phones are being collected a number of places, including here. A statement by the
Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI): "Long live revolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran!"

Member and blogger Saeed Valadbaygi's Revolutionary Road Blog is at

The (last) image to the left is students storming a government "Basij" militia barracks in Tehran.

Wish them luck.