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June 15, 2009


Los Angeles—Two poles apart.

As thousands of well heeled, best dressed Filipinos gathered in a plush hotel for a gala Independence Day night on June 13 for the Philippine consulate, scores of angry Filipino American and their allies voiced out their protests against fake independence in the Philippines.

“ Fight for real independence and sovereignty!” —this was the call of the Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) , Gabnet-LA and ANSWER-LA as they held their community forum last June 11 at ANSWER office at 137 Virgil St. Los Angeles, CA. 90004 .
Battery of Speakers

The first speaker, Ernest Tamayo, KmB Secretary General,explained the youth situation in his speech:

“The Filipino youth are the real victims of the system. They are victimized by the existing conditions that miseducates them and do not provide for their future both in the Philippines and the United States”.. “this is the reason why the youth are in the forefront of the struggle”.

GABNET's Amanda Martin spoke about the women’s situation and she said:

“ The GABNET LA is launching is launching the campaign A dollar for divorce to further the fight for women’s rights in the Philippines and support the candidacy of Congresswoman Liza Maza of the Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) as senator in this coming elections in the Philippines.”

She also chided the Philippines as the last hold-out for feudalism when it comes to divorce with Malta as the only two countries with no divorce law.

Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) ‘s Jerry Esguerra reported on the Philippine situation and detailed PGMA scheme to prolong herself in power after being in control for nine years.

“ The president controlled the AFP, she wants immunity from persecution when she leaves office. But like Marcos she may declare martial law and change the system of government by changing the constitution. We must resist these schemes and be ever ready for any developments in our homeland”

Esguerra also reported on the wide mobilizations in the Philippines against charter change despite government propaganda, psychological war and harassments. In almost 22 cities and town, thousands mobilized to protest against GMA schemes to prolong herself and her clique in power. The united front against GMA is broadening.

The last speaker Arturo Garcia, the West Coast coordinator of the AJLPP discussed the projections and developments in the US and in the Philippines.

“ If PGMA commits the same mistakes of Marcos and she declares martial law, it will be a different scenario. That is why we must be prepared for any eventuality in the future. So we must organize, organize and organize and be always on the alert until after the elections of 2010, if there will be any elections.” Garcia cautioned.

There event was covered by the Filipino Channel (TFC) and the Pacifica radio station KPFK. There were lively questions and answer portion after the two hour presentations.

The program was moderated by ANSWER-LA’s Corazon Esguerra.