From: Gaodhal Glas
Date: 2009/6/16
Subject: The Arfon Gwilym case.

Mr. Mark Rosenshield
Swyddfa Materion Cymreig
Lysgenhadaeth yr Unol Daleithiau
24 Sgwâr Grosvenor
Llundain, Lloegr W1A 1AE

Dear Sir:

The case of music publisher and linguistic rights activist Arfon Gwilym is a source of embarrassment to us as Americans.

We remember that our third President Thomas Jefferson spoke six languages fluently, Welsh among them.

So too, we hoped that the new Administration under President Obama would represent a more intelligent approach to political and cultural questions of the day and a return to intellectual inquiry.

We urge you to correct this shameful episode and to allow Afron Gwilym entrance to the United State so that he may participate in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in our Nation's capital.


Ceithearna Coille Nua Eabhrac