Movement for Justice in El Barrio


The Zapatista's Other Campaign
Breaking Down Borders:

Live Cross-Border Press Conference with Mexico

After being displaced from our home country, landlords, multi-national corporations and city officials are trying to displace the members of Movement for Justice in El Barrio from our homes in East Harlem. We are fighting back locally and we have also joined the Zapatista initiated Other Campaign, a national Mexican movement to make change from below and to the left proposed by the Zapatistas in the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. (For full text visit

In this national session to be presented at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, Michigan, we will share the ways Movement for Justice in El Barrio has used video and media to overcome obstacles to international organizing by engaging in international dialogue across borders with fellow members of the Other Campaign. In addition, through this workshop we seek to seize this rare opportunity of a gathering of independent journalists and grassroots media to facilitate a live cross border press conference with members of The Peoples Front in Defense of the Land in San Salvador Atenco.

We will present two video messages and short documentary:

Film #1: “From Across the Border: Our Struggle Against Global Displacement”
This film describes who we are and how we struggle. Movement for Justice in El Barrio sent a delegation down to Chiapas, Mexico to participate in the World Wide Festival of Dignified Rage called by the Zapatistas. With thousands of people present, we shared our dignified and rebellious words through our new video message. It includes a special message to the Zapatistas on their 25th anniversary and a message to the people of Atenco.

Film #2: “Breaking the Siege”
A Documentary by Canal 6 de Julio and Promedios: “This video analyzes the events in San Salvador Atenco during the first days of May, 2006 and denounces the violation of the civilian population’s human rights by state and federal police forces. The documentary deconstructs the mass media’s operating methods, which were responsible for creating a climate of fear and an information blockade on the events in San Salvador Atenco, in the midst of an especially delicate situation: the 2006 process of presidential succession in Mexico.”

Film #3: “Message from San Salvador Atenco”
We will present a message from the people of Atenco who are also part of the Other Campaign. The community in Atenco has a great history of struggle. In 2002, they put a halt to the government’s project to take away their land in order to build an airport. On the 3rd and 4th of May of 2006, the government of Mexico savagely attacked the population of Atenco. Two youth were killed, 30 women were raped, and they detained more than 200 people. There are still 12 political prisoners in jail with sentences of up to 112 years. For more information visit:

Cross Border Press Conference: Finally, we will facilitate a live feed press conference with members of the People’s Front in Defense of the Land in order for journalists to learn about their campaign to free their political prisoners and their struggle for their land.

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