a sampling of our delicacies.

a sampling of our delicacies.

What: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
When: 7pm (sharp), Tuesday, June 23th, 2009
Where: 1-2-3 Community Space
Cost: Free

Please join us, once again, at the 'ole 1-2-3 Community Space for a lovely evening including a delicious vegan meal, lots of jokes, and the completion of thoughtful letters for political prisoners or prisoners of war held in the U.S. NYC ABC has consistently hosted Political Prisoner Letter-writing Dinners every other week for over two years, but our space at 1-2-3 is currently jeopardized due to eviction proceedings. Our next court date is Thursday, the 25th of June; 10am at 141 Livingston Street in room 904C. Save the date if you would like to come out and support us in court, and stay tuned for updates on the ongoing struggle against displacement, gentrification and the tyranny of landlords!

In 1971, Joseph "Joe-Joe" Bowen was confronted by an officer of the notoriously brutal Philadelphia police department. The police officer was killed in the confrontation, and Joe-Joe fled. After his capture and incarceration, he became a Black Liberation Army combatant. In 1973, at the age of 25, Joe-Joe and Fred Burton assassinated Holmesburg prison's warden and deputy warden, and wounded the guard commander, due to the intense repression against Muslim prisoners inside. In 1981, Bowen led a six-day standoff with authorities when he and six others took 39 hostages at Graterford Prison as a freedom attempt and protest of the prison conditions.

Fran Thomson is a committed animal rights and environmental activist, a highly visible and vocal opponent of factory farming and large scale environmentally destructive polluters in Knox county. In the early 90's, She was being stalked by a neighbor and this person broke into her house. Fran shot and killed the stalker. Likely due to her previous campaigning activities, she was not allowed to enter her plea of self-defense. Instead, the jury was presented only with a murder charge; Fran was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

If you can't make it this week, please take the time to write to Joe-Joe and/or Fran. Their addresses are:
Joseph "Joe-Joe" Bowen
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, Pennsylvania 17866-1021

Fran Thompson #1090915
Post Office Box 300
Vandalia, Missouri 63382

The deal, as always, is that you come bringing only yourself (and your friends and comrades), and we provide you with a delicious vegan meal, information about a political prisoner or group of prisoners as well as all of the letter-writing materials and prisoner-letter-writing info you could ever want to use in one evening. In return, you write a thoughtful letter to a political prisoner or prisoner of war of your choosing or, better yet, keep up a long-term correspondence.

Directions to 1-2-3:
123 Tompkins Avenue, between Myrtle & Vernon Avenues, Brooklyn

By Train:
Take the G to the Myrtle-Willoughby stop. Walk east on Myrtle Avenue (toward Tompkins, away from Marcy), turn right on Tompkins Avenue and look for 123 on your left.


Take the JMZ to the Myrtle Avenue stop. Walk West on Myrtle Avenue (toward Lewis Avenue, away from Stuyvesant Avenue), turn left on Tompkins Avenue (four block from the subway station) and look for 123 on your left.

By Bicycle:
Take the Williamsburg Bridge to South 5th Street, heading East. Turn right on Union Avenue, then a couple of blocks later, slight left on to Harrison Avenue. Stay on Harrison Avenue and it becomes Tompkins Avenue. Cross Myrtle Avenue and look for 123 on the left.

Brought to you by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross, part of the continental Anarchist Black Cross Federation.

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211