Confronting Capitalism's Economic Crisis

--Meeting & 4-part Seminar--

all events at TRS, 44 East 32nd St., 11th floor,
New York, NY, from 7 pm to 9 pm

sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Initiative



"The economic crisis and left responses," a talk by
Andrew Kliman, author of _Reclaiming Marx's "Capital":
A refutation of the myth of inconsistency_

"A new organization for a time of crisis," a talk by
Anne Jaclard, National Secretary, Marxist-Humanist Initiative

Talks followed by open discussion. Donation requested.



Tues., June 30. Introduction: purpose of seminar series;
overview of crisis theories; definition of "crisis"; history of
capitalist crises; why crisis theory? Led by Josh Skolnik

Tues., July 14. Underconsumptionism: does paying workers
more boost profit? Led by Seth Weiss

Tues., July 21. Marx's law of the tendential fall in the rate
of profit. Led by Andrew Kliman

Tues, July 28. The crisis of the free market and the turn to
state-capitalist ideology. Led by Anne Jaclard

As the worst economic slump since the Great Depression
calls into question the viability of the capitalist system, and
as people increasingly doubt whether capitalism is desirable
or even necessary, we need to unite theory with practice and
an understanding of the current crisis in order to respond
effectively. We invite everyone seriously interested in this
task to join us in the seminar series. Participants will be
expected to have done the readings prior to each session.
Donations are requested, but no one will be turned away
because of inability to pay.

Please call us at (888) 579-2245 or write to us at in order to register for
the seminar series and obtain the syllabus.

Our website contains continuing analysis and discussion of
the economic crisis:

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