In Brasilia, the Haitian delegation participated in numerous activities. In public hearings in the Senate, denounced the presence of Brazilian troops in Haiti and the use of violence against troops of the struggles of the people. Plus the mobilization of national public servants and debate in Sindmetr├┤. After the success of activities in Brasilia, the delegation was divided to go through the Brazilian capital and participate in discussions and actions of solidarity to the Haitian people.

Carole Pierre-Paul Jacob, director of Haitian Women's Solidarity organization - SOFA; Dupuche Frantz, a member of the Haitian Platform in Defense of an Alternative Development - PAPDA and Dominique Didier, a member of the Central Trade Union and Popular Batay Ouvriyer (Battle Workers). These are the fellow Haitians who are traversing the Brazilian capital.

Five years ago these people is struggling against the occupation of UN troops, called MINUSTAH, headed by Brazilian troops. "For us, the UN is clearly the North American orders. The main textile multinationals are U.S. and Canadians, such as Wrangler, GILDAN, GAP, Nike etc.. And go to Haiti to explore the workforce by managers Haitians, with approval of the government lackey, "said one of the members the delegation, Frantz Dupuche.

Didier Dominique says that Haiti's textile industry is the main responsible for implementing a project of extreme exploitation of workers and the armed forces of MINUSTAH ensure that project of exploration. " According to Dominique, MINUSTAH in supporting the logic repressive country. "The MINUSTAH has opted to support the oppressive logic, so consider criminal and demanded his departure as soon as possible."

The trip was organized by the delegation Conlutas and others of the movement and political organizations.