On health care "reform"

Our new president probably really does want to give us something. That something is the "public option." No it is not the single payer national program that most of us want. We can and must continue to press this demand until we get it. But the public option would be a great start. And the insurance industry knows it. They have correctly dubbed it a "trogan horse." And they may be right. That is why they are fighting like hell to prevent it from coming into being.

So it is up to us to support this and "make it real." Do all that you can. Speak to your communities. Write letters to the editors. Make and pass out flyers. Hold meetins/discussions on health care needs, etc. Promote healthcare as a human right and fight for it now. We can get the public option now and that will be a springboard for what we really want. I do not believe the system we really want is available at this moment. The public option would be a huge step in the right direction. Let's take it and be prepared to fight for it.

Please spread widely. jamie and General Joe