By Michael Dargaville

FRIENDLY aliens called the Galactic Federation surrounding this planet in spaceships from other star systems have announced that the Indian Government may be the first government to tell the alien truth.

This was announced by a Galactic Federation spokesperson recently in what appears to be a world first.

The Galactic Federation is made up of 60% human aliens and are now in space ships surrounding this planet demanding a world socialist spiritual government based on peace and love. In the worldwide New Age movement millions of people from many different spiritual groups - Buddhist, Hindu and other New Age sects and religions - follow the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation have recently said that Chengdu, the capital city of China's Sichuan Province, or surrounding cities such as Zigong, Yibin, Leshan or Neijiang would be ideal city areas for a provisional world government. The smaller cities outside Chengdu have been suggested as better locations for the capital city of the planet's first world capital because an entirely new infrastructure could be established.

Chengdu and Sichuan is centrally located for the two major governments of the world - China and India - to co-operate yet at the same time gives a central focus for all other governments, big or small. China and India are now in full military control of this planet because the Galactic Federation aliens can stop any nuclear weapons from the USA or Russia.

In the worldwide New Age movement millions believe in the entire alien agenda with countless writers such as David Icke, Sheldon Nidle, Babara Maciniak, Jelaila, to many, many others, having outlined what is happening. Many of these writers exposed the USA Government's deal with the little grey aliens, on which Hollywood's most famous film ET was based upon.. The USA's official release of information in this area is called the Disclosure Project led by an American medical doctor called Dr Steve Greer. Their public website has 400 former USA generals, CIA spies and soldiers publicly testyfying to working with the little grey aliens.

A vicous worldwide information war is now happening with the major fascist media newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, London Guardian, BBC, Associated Press, to many, many others, deliberately suppressing any alien information.

Yet the alternative, counter culture and New Age media has countless newspapers, magazines, zines, journals, websites, pirate radio stations and internet TV stations, churning out the truth. Thus, an information war unseen in the history the planet is now taking place.

As the crazy fascist control systems such as the western allied governments and especially the American Government continue to work closely with the American Illuminati billionaire families that control most financial infrastructures around the world, a plea from the Galactic Federation has been made for the Chinese and Indian governments to immediately intervene.

The Chinese Government now clearly realises it is in control of this planet with its military might and the biggest army on the planet..

The Chinese could destroy America in one week in a land war and the Americans would be utterly helpless to use nuclear weapons because the friendly aliens surrounding this planet would stop them. Thus, Beijing is currently the defacto world capital and President Hu Jing Tao is the most powerful man in the world.

Of course the Indians are also extremely powerful and their army alone could destroy the Americans easily. America is now totally finished as a world power yet the world still lives under the massive delusion of American control.

The Galactic Federation have been trying to convince the Chinese Government that it is easily actually in their interest to declare what is happening and will only empower China and India. The whole world and all peoples of the world would be then looking towards CHINA and not America once they know China is now truly in charge of the planet.

Currently more than 40,000 children die every day through International Monetary Fund and World Bank debts in Third World countries. These banks are controlled by billionaire clique families and individuals such as the Waltons (who own 60 per cent of Walmart, the biggest corporation on the planet), the Murdochs (the fascist media tycoon family), the Rockefellers (who own Exxon Oil and Chase Manhatten Bank), the Rothchilds, the Duponts, the Marrs, Bill Gates to others. These billionaire families and individuals called the Illuminati work together to keep their common weath and will do anything to stop the Galactic Federation of aliens who want truth, love, justice, socialism, and open spirituality.

In New Age theory aliens have said that humans were formed on the Vega star system more than six million years ago. They developed on a planet on this Vega star system to a high sentient level. Originally those early humans were a primate that were genetically and spiritually developed by powerful Creator forces including archangels. These early Vega humans started space travelling about 5 million years ago and set up human colonies throughout the galaxy, including Sirius, the Plaeides, Hydra, Acrturarius to many other star systems. Human civilizations developed on planets in these star systems and they formed the Galactic Federation of human aliens in about 4 million BC. Around this time they started fighting non-human aliens called Reptoids, lizard -looking like aliens who can shapeshift. These two aliens groups have since been in a bitter war for the control of this galaxy.

The Galactic Federation, who widely speak English, first came to Earth 2 million years ago and set up Hybornia, an advanced human colony where humans could live for 5000 years. This was destroyed by Reptoid aliens in 1 million years. The Galactic Federation came back in 900,000 BC and founded Lumeria, a very advanced human civilization which was eventually destroyed by war during the rise of Atlantis, around 50,000 BC. Aliens have confirmed this is our true history and many people in the New Age believe we come originally from other stars.

The bad reptoid aliens had a psychotronic weapons base on the moon for much of the 20th century from where they were causing all the wars. Psychotronic weapons can change the way people think by using electro-magentic frequencies. All governments in the world have this technology yet the reptoid moon base was a massive psychotronic mind control machine. They could cause dissent and wars virtually anywhere on the planet to keep indirect conrol. The rise of Hitler, the fall of the Soviet Union, the trouble in China during the Cultural Revolution, was all done by Reptoid aliens on the moon to cause disharmony and possible world destruction. They didn't give a fuck if Earth was destroyed, be assured. To them we were just another little spec to be destroyed OR controlled. This psychotronic weapons Reptoid base was destroyed by the good Galactic Federation of human aliens in the Year 2000. Ironically there are some good reptoids and they are part of the Galactic Federation but most are bad and continue to be bad.

The latest in quantum theory which is now called he Physics of Consciousness states that matter is produced by Mind, which is a form of philosophcial Idealism postulated by such famous philosophers as Hegel, Kant, Berkley and also by Buddhism and Hindusim. Philosophical idealism is the key to understanding inter-stellar space travel. The notion that Mind creates matter is so misunderstood in our culture yet it is vital for an understanding of the New Age movement.. World famous physicists such as David Bohm, Fritjof Capra. Paul Davies, Nick Herbert, Cheffrey Chew and John Wheeler have all said that Mind is creating mather. From David Bohm's theory of the Implicate Order to Geoffrey Chew's Bootstrap theory and to the latest in superstring theory forwarded by the likes of world celebrated physicsts such as Paul Davis, they ae all saying Mind creates Matter, which is a form of philosophical idealism.

And a brilliant British New Age physicst called David Ash went a step further than these amazing physicists and says why restrict Mind to the speed of light. He says a new form of energy called super energy exists and it is simply Mind faster than the speed of light. This theory of super energy explains how Sai Baba (the world famous Indian avatar and guru based in southern India) can teleport, bi-locate and do materialisations. World famous singers such as John Lennon and Michael Jackson followed Sai Baba, plus many Hollywood stars such as acclaimed martial artist Steven Seagal, and probably all of India believes Sai Baba has genuine divine powers. A former President of India is a personal friend.

Yet the theory of super energy also explains alien space travel completely. Aliens simply use computers in their spaceships to connect to super energy. That is how spaceships can transubstantiate and come from vast distances of other star ystems. A starship captain must have telepathic abilities. A spaceship from the Galactic Federation uses computers to register super energy via sound. When the build up of super energy is sufficient, the captain gives the message to a bio-crytal energetic computer (which is actually a LIVING computer) which directly talks to super energy and performs the instructions. THIS IS ALL BASED ON THE NOTION THAT MIND CREATES MATTER, exactly like Hegel described it or exactly how modern day Buddhist and Hindu theology and philosophy describes philosophical idealism..

Generally, the reptoid aliens who have attacked human planets for the past 5 million years have been led by Archangel Lucifer while the Galactic Federation is led by Archangel Michael or Archangel Mikala (the femine version of Michael). Sai Baba in India is one of the leaders of the Galactic Federation and he has publicly stated recently aliens are surrounding this planet wanting world socialism and a world government. The Galactic Federation has also stressed that the hydrogen engine must be fully utilised on this planet to get rid of all fosil fuel and nuclear energy sources. Hydrogen powered engines are cheap to build and ready to go but Illuminati forces are stopping this. The recent Sichuan earthquake was caused by the planet's depletion of the planet's oil (which is Gaia's blood line), thus disturbing the grid and plate lines. The hyrdogen engine is vital for the future development of a world government, the Galactic Federation have stressed.

Other New Agers believe that Christ has returned and is living in Europe in a body in secret. He is called Maitreya and will publicly come out when the alien announcement is made by the Indian Government. Aliens and Sai Baba have confirmed that Christ has returned on this planet and is supported by a plethora of Ascended Masters. Their Spiritual headquarters is in the Gobi Desert of China called Shamballa. This is where the Planetary Logis resides who is the boss of this planet.

THUS, the Illuminati will stop at nothing to stop this agenda which would decimate their weath and power and the terrible wars they have started for hundreds of years. A person such as Bill Gates knows all of this and of course ruthlessly tries to stop any information to protect his buddies and cohorts. The man is a walking embodiment of Evil itself yet parades around the planet telling people how good he is setting up huge "charities" to further fund Illuminati industries such as the medical pharmacuedical companies that rape and pillage the planet with their outmoded drug regimes. If Gates really meant business he would give all his 50 billion dollars back to the Third World regimes he so assiduously steals from..

The Chinese and Indian governments now clearly have the power to once and for all destroy the Illuminati and they are being urged by very powerful aliens who in fact protect them from HARM to enact the end of Illuminati power on this planet and to herald in a New Age of democracy, openness, socialism, love, advanced non-fundamentalist spirituality, peace, friendship, trust, good will, new technology (hydrogen engine) and Bliss.

Dear Editor, I'm a freelance journalist and am offering this news feature story of journalism to you for consideration. My bio details are at the end. Please contact me if you use it. I appreciate your support. Yours truly, Michael Dargaville.


By Michael Dargaville

New Age leaders are saying New Zealand is coming alive to the principles of this remarkable worldwide movement.

The New Age is now a powerful worldwide movement that incorporates many non-fundamentalist branches of eastern religions within Buddhism, Hinduism and Tasoism but also the vast array of western mystical groups such as Theosophy, Lightworker groups, witches and the plethora of groups who follow aliens plus of course th re-emergence of native and indiginous culture spiritualities and especially that of the Maori people.

And New Zealand has now developed on from its earlier conservative Christian base to accept other ways of thinking and other ways of doing things.

When the worldwide hippie generation (born between 1932 and 1955) rose to prominence in the 1960s throuhout the world, New Zealand was not left behind. The hippies started a worldwide revolution in thinking with the sexual revolution, the gay revolution, the hugely powerful environmental movement, the following of all eastern spiritualities, the ecology movement and the anti-capitalist New Left movement that especially developed after the extraordinary 1968 socialist hippie riots that nearly brought down the fascist French government at the time. And all of this could be found in New Zealand society at the time and has since profoundly affected every aspect of life there.

Extraordinary visionary New Zealand poets such as James K Baxter and Sam Hunt paved the way for a new way in literature – both of these poets had been inspired by hippiedom. Although Baxter was a syncretist Christian Catholic, unlike many of that elke, he opened up to the hippie New Age vision and hung out with and helped hippies gone off the hippie track who’d become smack freaks in Auckland. And later, of course, Baxter set up his revolutionary and internationally famous creative spiritual commune called Jeruselum.

Baxter, of course, is Dunedin’s most famous son and has attained a stature not just in Oceania but the world. And Sam Hunt continued to close the gap in this area with extraordinary poems of clarity and spiritual vision. In his early days he was a performance poet with many famous hippie bands, way ahead of his time . These two men are iconic New Age visionaries that helped New Zealand to open up and become the lighthouse and most advanced democracy within Oceania, way ahead of other nations in Oceania, and other island nations of the region.

The New Age is about independence and here once again New Zealand became the model.

During the 1980s as the hippies fully evolved into the New Age movement itself, New Zealand attracted the attention of the entire world when its amazingly compassionate Prime Minister David Lange banned American nuclear warships. This legacy was a clear and open declaration of the New Age in New Zealand.

This disturbed America so much it threatened to spy on New Zealand and cause trouble, a fact that recently has been revealed by exposed Lange documents in, of all places, the appalling spy riddled Murdoch press.

And New Zealand became a magnet for environmentalists during he 1980s because, apart from being one of the most beautiful set of islands on the planet, became a base for anti-nuclear worldwide activists. When the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace ship was sunk in Auckland Harbour by the French Government in 1985 in a covert operation which saw the two French killer spies released only two years after the event, New Zealand quickly became a wordwide symbol of political independence and New Age freedom.

And it has uniquely held on to that image since those times. All the major cities of New Zealand have branches of all he New Age sects, organisations and groups from Sai Baba groups, Siddha Yoga groups, Buddhist groups, Theosophy meetings, suffi dancing, alien encournter groups led by such amazing New Age magazines like Karinya, which has subsequently based itself in the USA.

Those in the New Age who follow aliens believe that the American Government has had a long secret deal with little Grey aliens. A famous website called the Disclosure Project has 400 “former” American generals, CIA spies and soldiers who are now publicly saying they’ve worked with greys. These military personal are being led by a medical doctor called Dr Steve Greer who works full-time as an alien exponent. Yet the Disclosure Project is really just a CIA front and is virtually the American Government telling the world it has worked with grey aliens.

World famous British New Age physicist, David Ash, who is wdely known for his amazing work in furthering the understanding of quantum theory and spirituality, has said New Zealand is a New Age mecca for advancement. Ash invented the theory of super energy, which says that there is a new form of energy faster than the speed of light. He carried on this work from a famous movement in quantum physics called the physics of consciousness which included such famous physicsts as David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, Paul Davies and John Wheeler, all world famous, who said Mind was producing energy and thus matter. This is a form of philosophical idealism, such as postulated by famous western philosophers such as Kant, Hegel and Berkley and also of course by Buddhism and Hinduism.

Anyway, super energy, the theory invented by Ash, fully explains alien space travel. Aliens simply travel in their ships in super energy, or energy faster than light.

Ash lived in New Zealand for six months and the experience is firmly implanted in his consciousness. He has many fond memories of the reaction of New Zealanders to his work.

Many in the New Age, in fact millions from many different groups and organisations, believe that another alien group called the Galactic Federation who are made up 60 % human ETs, and are very good trying to help us, are now surrounding this planet and want a world government based on peace, love and open democratic socialism.

In New Age theory many famous New Age writers say humans in fact evolved on the Vega Star system 6 million years ago and then space travelled in super energy all over the galaxy and set up human colonies that developed into major human civilizations. Earth was founded in 2 million BC they claim. And since then the Galactic Federation has been at war with a bad lot of aliens called reptoids, lizard like aliens who can shapeshift, who attacked this planet for much of the 20th century from a base on the moon using psychotronic weapons, or mind conrol weapons. These evil reptoids are said to have caused all he wars here during the 20th century, or to be at least behind them.

New Age leaders say the Galactic Federation of aliens came to this solar system and destroyed the reptoid base in the Year 2000 and are now surrounding the planet and CAN STOP ANY NUCLEAR MISSILE THREAT FROM AMERICA OR RUSSIA.

Thus, if this is true, and millions believe it, the entire geo-political structure and foundations of Earth are now very very different. It would mean that New Zealand now firmly should not be apart of the American ANZUS Alliance which Lange tried so hard to disengage with. He did this because ultimately, despite his failings, he was also a truly extraordinary New Age visionary with a committed heart for world peace..

If aliens can stop any American nuclear missile, it means that New Zealand could be in fact a truly free country and not accept any fascist bribes for introducing negatve policies, whether from America or any other.

China could destroy America in a land war now in one week. New Zealand should now try and befriend the two big giants of the world and military contollers, China and India. It long ago told America to fuck itself and it should firmly keep doing this.

It should continue to keep firmly away from Australia’s orbit. It is nearly a good four hour plane flight from that country, the distance from central southern India to Thailand – a very long way. It is Polynesian, not Australasia….and should remain feircly independent now that it has this new freedom that the New Age has given it due to the entire alien agenda. New Zealand has its own time zone and different section from the rest of the world and is certainly and should not be put beside Australia. It is its own empire, with satellite island nations surrounding it. It is a long way from Australia. Australasia brings in New Guinea, Tinor and Melanesia. This is a different world than Polynesia,with entirely different cosmologies.

China is now deeply dependent on the Galactic Federation for its survival so to not protect those working for the Galalctic Federation is clearly not in its interests. China rules the world now because of the Galalctic Federation. Rogue countires such as America, who have killed millions in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 15 years, and have long histories of oppression and violence not only in their own countries but in the many wars they directly or indirectly start, need to be kept at a distance. If those rogue countries come near China, the big dragaon may react. China will protect New Zealand from any agression from those countries and they should take confidence from that…..

The world famous Indian guru and Avatar, Sai Baba, who has a following of hundreds of millions and is famous for teleportation, bi-location and materailisations, as well as curing fatal diseases and bringing people back from the dead, is said in New Age circles to be one of the leaders of the Galactic Federation of aliens surrounding this planet.

Sai Baba is called the Cosmic Chist. Others in the New Age, and this is widely followed in New Zealand now, also believe that another Christ is back on the planet. His name is Maitreya and he is called a Planetary Christ because he was the original Christ of 2000 years ago. This all comes from classic theosophy which says that under the New Christ Maitreya, who is said to live secretly in Europe, are hundreds of ascended masters or perfected humans who can also perform miracles. It is said that Christ wll publicly announce himself to the world once the alien announcement has been made. He wants, like the alien human Galactic Federation surrounding us, a world socialist government (ie, no Bill Gates, noWalton family who own Walmart, the world's biggest corporation, no Murdoch family) based in Sichuan province, China, so the two big governments of the world, China and India, can work closely together to form a world government based on love, open libertarian democracy, advanced socialism, advanced technology such as the full development of the hydrogen engine and advanced non-fundamentalist spirituality,. In a world government all countries would be respected, all cultures valued. Thus, countries such as New Zealand, could become world leaders when the first provisional world government is announced shortly by the Indian Govenrment, which is being predicted.

New Zealand now has the opportunity to continue to show the world how advanced it is. New Zealand has always been a country open to new ideas and open to new people. It has successfully in recent decades, unlike Australia, completely included Maori soveignty into the heart of its ethical, judicial and government infrastruture. It has shown the world just how special a country it is. The rise of the Maori Party would be unheard of in many countries but especially in Australia where the Aborigines are beaten to death in police cells and treated like dogs, filthy and depressed and depraved. New Zealand would NEVER do this because it is a civil, well intentioned, politically advanced democracy.

Even in the punk music scene, which was the music of an entire generation, Generation X (born between 1955 and 1978), amazing cities such as Dunedin has given the world psychedelic punk – or pacifist punk as some call it, with utterly amazing iconic punk bands such as the Chills drawing praise from around the world. Singer Martin Philllips, whose beautiful and extraordinary voice and lyrics, continues to be a beacon. And recently other major punk singers from that city such as David Kilgour linked up with the New Age inconic poet Same Hunt, joining Generation X into the heart of hippie mainstream with his latest recordings of Hunt’s poetry to music. This is the New Age in action, in the heart, acting as a catylist of change through culture and music

Internationally New Zealand is world famous, seen as part in the consciousness of the world, because of what Lange did. Writers such as Kerri Hulme, whose amazing Bone People, also changed the consciounsess of Maori symbolism in literature, and brought Maori spirituality to the forefront. Her novel was essentially a New Age work of genuis, and the world now knows.

And this ultimately is what the maverick poet Baxter tried to achieve. He was New Zealand’s first philosopher and poet of the New Age at the highest level, recognising the world significance of Maori spirituality and the beautifiul and wonderful freedom it gives the soul.

New Zealand is now a tender country ready for full New Age democracy…its universities have a more open attitude to intellectual debate than any other in Oceania, Polytechnics also have open minds and philosophies. It’s ironic that the two best hippie poets in Australia of the past 35 years were New Zealanders – the utterly protean Eric Beach and Nigel Roberts. The Finn brothers took the New Zealand sound to London with their beautiful spiritual voices again enunciating New Age themes. Janet Frame, the New Zealand world famous novelist and writer who is now recognised for the genuis she was, began writing about psychiatric abuse way before One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest. Transpersonal psychological techniques, which are integral to New Age alternative medical treatments, is now the rage across America, and has freed those suffering from mental illness from the abusive psychotropic drugs which medical fascism has hoisted on their patients. Frame was nearly lobotomised and was one of the first writers on the planet speaking out. As a transpersonal psychologist it always amazes me how behaviouralist psychology, which has been totally discredited and debunked, is still the dominant psychology practice in countries like Australia with enforced police drug treatments and regimes, when so many other countries have realised that all forms of mental illness can be cured throuh meditation, Chinese medicine, Aruvedic medicine, reflexology, reiki, et cetera.

Spiritual channellers in the New Age have said New Zealand’s South Island has special signifiance and that the energy flows are more harmonious than its northern counterpart.

As a pethora of worldwide New Age backpackers increasingly visit New Zealand for spritual retreats the country will continue to thrive and become a New Age mecca.

The New Age, by its very nature, is committed to independence and eclecticism. It is opposed to dogmatism, whether it be Newtonian materialism which comes from the tyrnical brains of western universities or the spiritual fascism of fundamentalist religions, whether it be Islamic, Christiian or otherwise. The New Age preaches tolerance, acceptance and balance. It is broadminded. It accepts gays and the homosexual movement. It supports socialism. It is open to aliens. It is oposed to war, lies and western fascism. It loves the hippies and the punks. And most of all, it loves democracy.


Michael Dargaville is an academic, philosopher/scientist, transpersonal psychologist, novelist, poet, performance punk poet, journalist, artist, singer/ musician and Underground/alternative publisher. He is a resident of a country in the Oceania region of the world who has been based in China and Asia for the past 12 years. He has done three masters degrees on quantum theory, alternative medicine and the New Age and a major thesis also on transpersonal psychology. Another major M.Litt degree thesis examined the work of the world famous physicist Fritjof Capra. His PhD called THE NEW IDEALISM joins all areas of the New Age together. He has taught at 11 Chinese colleges and universiites and has held positions at professorial level. In the past 25 years he has published more than 50 books/pamphlets of poetry, four novels and works of journalism and philosophy. He was trained as journalist and has worked widely on many newspapers and news organisations as a staff journalist including the China Daily in 2006 and has published widely around the world. He continues to perform and lecture around the world and has been in well known punk musical bands. He now regards Polynesian countries in the Oceania region as his other home away from China….and Asia