Yesterday, Sunday June 28th, I went to watch the highly anticipated movie Transformers 2. Initially I entered the theater prepared to witness classic American images of valor, military prowess and imperialist ideals. Of course, I was not let down. The movie perpetuated the usual dogmas. But what shocked me was the incorporation of racist transformer caricatures.

Now I say this with no hesitation – I am not being oversensitive or hypercritical – the characters were a travesty. It consisted of two smaller twin Autobots; one having a gold tooth, and the other serving as a continual antagonist to his twin. The twins language, or should I say dialogue, was limited to slang, curse words, and sentence fragments. In one scene, a twin was asked to read a number of ancient Transformer symbols, only to reply that he did not know how to read and “we don’t do that. “ It was appalling. I shudder to imagine the twins description in the initial screenplay and eventual script.

What makes this display of social stereotypes event more alarming is the fact that Transformers 2, with a PG-13 rating, is marketed to all audiences; 4,234 movies theaters nationwide relayed these close-minded opinions of people of color. Children and adults are subjected and ultimately brainwashed into internalizing these images as reality. I am floored by the blatant indoctrination of the future leaders of our society, still processing the world around them, by such films.

This propaganda by film companies, Paramount and Dreamworks in this case, is unacceptable. Socially conscious executives – if there is such a thing – need to take a stand, along with the public; namely, people of color. Considering that Transformers 2 grossed over 100 million dollars this past weekend; 108,466,307 million to be exact; imagine the psychological impact. Furthermore, images of this nature are detrimental to progression towards solidarity in society.

We must either boycott movies with racist overtones (this is limited to movies that do not deal directly with race relations, i.e., American History X and Glory), such as Transformers 2, must be boycotted to eradicate mentally destructive imagery in films. The public has to demand better of film companies who indulge in such atrocities. In conclusion, I call upon the famous phrase of the legendary movie critics Siskel and Ebert, and give Transformers 2 two big thumbs down.