It's been more than a week since the ballots were counted in the election for convention delegates and the Local still hasn't posted the results. But United Invincible has a leaflet out claiming victory. They're working hard to spin the outcome without showing the numbers. Just one more example of their disrespect for the membership.

UI did win a majority of the delegates. They did so because they disqualified members in good standing from running. To win seats to the convention, they did everything they could to deny Local 100 members a choice. If the Toussaint Team had respected the membership's right to a real election, Take Back Our Union would have 62 delegates to 51 for UI. The United for Change slate in TA Surface Operators and Surface Maintenance won 5.When the numbers are finally posted you'll see that incumbent VPs Stephan Thomas, Enzo Sinnona and Andreeva Pinder were all defeated in the delegate election. Acting VP William Wyatt was almost eliminated, winning his seat by only 2 votes.

You'll also see that TBOU won a clear majority of votes in Track, Line Equipment/Signals, Power, Stations, Train Operators, Conductor/Tower Operators, MTA Bus, and Private Line Operations. UI won a majority of the delegates in TA Surface, but only a minority of the votes. United for Change candidates soundly defeated UI in TA Surface Maintenance. The only divisions UI won were MaBSTOA, MaBSTOA Maintenance, Structure, School Bus and Paratransit, and Car Equipment.

UI won seats to the convention, but they've lost the local.

Steve Downs serves as elected Chair, T/O Division of Transport Workers Local 100.