Yesterday, September 24, President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia was in town for the UN General Assembly. By noon, a picket line was up at his hotel. Protesters held half of a block of Central Park South for the next two hours as they leafleted, chanted, sang, and spoke against the presence of President Uribe in our city.

Uribe is internationally known for his support of paramilitary force, of brutal repression of political and union activists, of free trade and eco-devastation, and of the ethnic cleansing of indigenous & Afro-Colombian peoples. The protest, called by Diaspora Colombiana Consciente and Comun-er@s, brought the struggle to Midtown Manhattan yesterday.

In the words of the organizers:

"'Get to know Colombia, through our bleeding hearts'

Álvaro Uribe is currently Colombia's rightwing president---under his administration, countless human rights violations and atrocities have been committed and continue to be committed as we speak.

WE PROTEST Uribe's presence in New York because we are sick of these violations on our loved ones, on los campesinos, on the indigenous, on the Afro-Colombian populations, on women, on the LGBTQ communities, and those who are fighting for a more just Colombia.

WE PROTEST because we have an obligation to honor the struggle of these people, many of which are victims of a conflict that has lasted too long...

WE PROTEST because we are concerned for the livelihoods of our families and compañeros who are living day to day in Colombia or we know someone who is affected by the conflict...

WE PROTEST because we love justicia, paz, y la vida....

WE PROTEST because in New York City, rightwing human rights violators are NOT WELCOME!!!"