Urgent: Rally tomorrow to defend People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart!

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals revoked Lynne Stewart's bail and remanded her case to the trial court for a new, harsher sentence. Lynne has spent her entire career defending the poor and oppresses. She is 70 years old and has had recent bouts with breast cancer.

Tomorrow at 4pm, the original trial judge in Lynne Stewart's case will hear arguments from Lynne's lawyers and the government as to whether she should be set to jail immediately, or whether she can remain at liberty pending an official mandate from the 2nd Circuit. We are asking everyone to gather tomorrow at 4pm across from 500 Pearl St. in Foley Square to support Lynne Stewart.

Also, please come to the BOPM meeting at 6:30 tomorrow night for an update on Lynne's case.