David Avilla and his organization, Advocate for Orphans International, have engaged in illegal and unethical conduct.

California required registration of adoption facilitators in 2006. Avilla did not register Advocate for Orphans International until October of 2009, and that was only because of investigations by the Gilroy Police and Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.

California law prohibits use of photographs of children, and Avilla has always used these and continues to do so.

California law prohibits facilitators from taking charge of children, but Avilla and his people do exactly that.

Calfiornia law requires that host families undergo background checks. Avilla will often "waive" this requirement when it would introduce an inconvenient delay.

As a result of Avilla's illegal and unethical practices, several families have been unable to adopt children. Avilla and his associates in Ukraine are under investigation there.

Finally, Citibank has sued Avilla for unpaid debts.