I hope not

I hope not

The Palestinians are the real descendants of the old Jews of Judea and Sameria.

The settlers in the West Bank are European freeloaders, land grabbers and anti-Semites trying to grab land from the real old Jewish people.

These 500,000 European settlers are freeloaders and Holocaust users and have no claim to Judea and Sameria at all.

DNA tests show that most of them are not even Jewish.

So this makes them European thieves trying to ethnically cleanse and and steal the land of the old Palestinians Jews.

When peace is forced upon the foreign Israelis by their fed up sponcers the 500,000 European settlers of the West Bank willl have to be ethnically cleansed back to Israel inside the ’67 borders.

The Biblical homeland of the Jews will be in the hands of the real Jews – ie The Palestinians.