...because the Teabaggers are just too liberal.

...because the Teabaggers are just too liberal.

Then, the Oath Keepers showed up, a bunch of current and retired military and cops howling
about the new dangers to the Constitution they've sworn to uphold with all the bluster they
can muster on a Web site which, like all similar right-wing sites, is hopelessly swimming in
Revolutionary War-era metaphor and imagery. Oh, and don't forget to check out their video,
in which they declare their intent to disobey their Top Ten Unjust Orders with a lush
backdrop of inspiring patriotic and military imagery and overwrought music. Yeah, you might
think we Lefties get a bit over the top, but for sheer Drama Queen goodness, you can't beat
the Right Wingnuts.

What's especially interesting about this bunch is that they were founded just this past
March, not even two months after Barack "Timberlake" Obama took office. Now, mind you --
during the eight goddamn' years in which the Bush Regime was instigating illegal wars
of aggression, censoring the news, arbitrarily declaring people "enemy combatants" and
detaining them without charges or a trial, criminalizing Muslims and the Left, suppressing
dissent, allowing torture, and otherwise generally pissing on the Constitution at every
opportunity, the people comprising the Oath Keepers were nowhere to be found. In fact, when
US service personnel were refusing to comply with illegal or unconstitutional orders under
Bush, you could hear the future Oath Keepers howling for courts martial and trials for treason.

Now that there's a Donkeycratic administration in power, though, the Oath Keepers have
suddenly appeared out of nowhere, bellowing at full throat about illegal orders and detention
camps and the military occupation of American cities and threats to the Constitution. Never
mind that Obama's pretty much continuing all of Bush's favorite programs such as imprisonment
without charges, rendition, torture, suppression of the news -- not to mention that he's
escalating the war in Afghanistan. That sort of pertinent information is totally lost on
these doorknobs: all they know is that now the Donkeycrats are in the White House, the
President is a N!gg3r, and the Republic is in grave danger. Oh, yeah, and they don't want to
pay taxes, either; they want highways and schools and National Parks, but they don't want to
pay taxes -- like the Teabaggers, but with more brass and swagger. Basically, the
Oath Keepers are for people who think the Teabaggers
are too liberal.

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(...and read more about the Oath Keepers' association with White Nationalists at
< href="http://ladylibertyslamp.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/oath-keepers-are-now-promoting-themselves-to-white-nationalists/">Lady Liberty's Lamp.)