Ambassador Tete Antonio (center) with Iman Drammeh, Colette Pean, Omowale Clay

Ambassador Tete Antonio (center) with Iman Drammeh, Colette Pean, Omowale Clay

African Union Ambassador to the UN in Brooklyn
By Amadi Ajamu

In the spirit of Pan African unity, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat hosted a reception for African Union Ambassador to the United Nations Tete Antonio at Sistas’ Place in Brooklyn last week.

Ambassador Tete Antonio graciously greeted and chatted with the multitude of special guests, which included: Dr. James McIntosh and Betty Dopson of the Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People, John Watusi Branch of the African Poetry Theater, Father Lawrence Lucas, Maurice and Marilyn Reid, Chaka Cousins of the All African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, representatives of the Nation Of Islam, and many others.

“Indeed we are Pan Africanists, we have consistently developed relationships with our comrades on the Continent since the ‘African Liberation Support Committee’ work in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, in which some of us were founding members, and organizing international resistance to apartheid South Africa. African peoples’ struggle here is directly related to the struggles of our brothers and sisters in Africa,” explained Viola Plummer, Chairperson of the December 12th Movement.

“Our continued work in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and other international fora, has strengthened our ties with the Africa Group. We had an Agreement of Cooperation with the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U) and have been official observers at O.A.U. and African Union (A.U.) sessions. We are honored to have Ambassador Tete Antonio here with us and we would like to discuss with him further issues concerning the development of the Sixth Region of the African Union representing Africans in the Diaspora, the situation in Zimbabwe, and the urgent need to put Haiti on the A.U. agenda,” Plummer concluded.

Ambassador Antonio stated “I would like to thank the 12 December Movement for inviting me here. It’s is a great pleasure to be in such a warm and open place. All of you are welcome to come to our offices to meet with us. Our doors are open to you. I am the A.U. representative to the United Nations, our main offices are in Washington DC. I am sure we can all work together on these issues. We are clear about the support we have received from African people here in the US and are very appreciative of the work you have done and are doing. I am from Angola and I am very aware of your contribution to our particular liberation struggle. We must continue to work together to develop a strong African Union.”