President Manuel Zelaya In An Exclusive Interview Condemns
Sellout of Honduran Democracy

Building Bridges speaks with the legitimate President of Honduras in the
aftermath of the country’s recent fraudulent election. President Zelaya
urges the U.S. to reject the election, as the Honduran people have in their
mass boycott of it, subsequent to the ouster in a coup of their populist,
democratically elected President. Haunted by the ghosts of authoritarian
governments not long in the grave, countries like Brazil, Argentina and
Chile have argued that an election held by an illegal government is, by
definition, illegal, but the U.S.’s fingerprints are all over the coup as
Obama supports the oligarchy and dashes hopes for a new engagement
with Latin America. Andres Conteris, with the Program on the Americas,
Director for Nonviolence International & Coordinator of Democracy Now!
en Espanol also joins us from the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras where
President Zelaya has taken refuge.
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