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The Left are close to passing a Health Care Reform bill that will take away your freedoms. Lots of people on the Left mean well, I think, but they just wont follow the logic.

The Bill will force most Americans to chip in to a pot that will be used to pay for everyone's health care. I say force, because you will be penalized if you don't.

But think about it: How is the Government going to make sure there's enough money in the pot to cover everyone? If I'm into extreme sports, I'm very likely to take a considerable chunk out of that pot. Multiply that by however many people like extreme sports, and the like, and that adds up.

See, to keep enough money in the pot to cover everyone, the Government will HAVE TO regulate your activities, such as your sports and your foods. It's simply not possible for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want, and keep enough money in the pot; Unless, of course, you charge that person more, which is what we do already.

And because the pot will shrink, advancements in health care will be under-funded, and the Government WILL have to ration certain types of care. What else can you do, when the pot keeps shrinking?

This Leftist flavor of Health Care Reform is actually worse than what we currently have, so don't let them tell you "What plan does the Right have", because in this case, it IS actually preferable to do nothing, than to pass their version of Reform.

Please contact your Elected Officials, and at least get them to explain how they are going to make sure there's enough in the pot, AND allow you your freedoms.

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