Coupon design by Carolina Ferreyra

Coupon design by Carolina Ferreyra

RAP Members Protest Overtime Theft on a Snowy Winter Day

Dressed in striped stockings and Santa hats, RAP members and supporters participated in a lively demonstration on Saturday, December 19. The group of about a dozen people spent the snowy afternoon singing subversive Christmas carols, chanting, handing out flyers and subversive coupons, and showing video footage featuring firsthand accounts from retail workers.

Called "How the Grinch Stole my Overtime," the event used creative means to draw attention to two employers who are being investigated for overtime theft. The event was coordinated by Common Threads, RAP's art collective.

Participants began outside ShoeMania on Broadway and Bond, where they stayed for about two hours. Workers at the ShoeMania chain are suing the company for approximately $3 million in unpaid minimum wage and overtime.

"The workers at ShoeMania were really excited to see RAP members on the streets supporting them in their fight for back wages," said RAP organizer Peter Montalbano.

From ShoeMania, the crowd then marched down Broadway to Mystique Boutique and continued to chant, sing, hand out flyers, and show video footage outside the store. The owner of the Mystique chain is being investigated by the New York State Attorney General's office for minimum wage and overtime violations. The Mystique chain includes Mystique Boutique, Amsterdam, Exstaza, and Madness, all women's clothing stores.

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