NEW YORK, May 1 — Today a group of local volunteers announced the launch of a new web-based calendar — — for New York City’s progressive community. The volunteers say the calendar will be a central, open space where local activist groups can post their events and individuals can go to find what’s going on.

The announcement of the new calendar is timed to coincide with a day when thousands out of immigrants, unionists and others are taking to the streets to celebrate International Workers’ Day.

The creators of the new calendar bring together years of experience. It is a continuation of the NY Activist Calendar listserv, which started off as a hard-copy calendar back in 1995 (see “Listing the NY Left”, with crucial help from the NY Protest listserv and the May First/People Link collective, a New York-based collective, progressive internet service provider.

The volunteers expect the calendar to provide the sort of progressive bulletin board that places like the Bay Area and Portland have had for years — a way for people to keep up to date on the metropolitan area’s astonishing variety of progressive causes and events.

“This is something the community has needed for a long time, and we think the need is just going to grow,” said David L. Wilson, a calendar volunteer who also writes on immigration and Latin America.

“We’re in an economic, environmental, social and political crisis now unlike anything most of us have ever experienced,” he said, “and this is going to force us to build a larger, stronger and broader resistance movement, one that will require much better communication among activists.”

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