Cathie Black Under Fire

Cathie Black Under Fire

Freedom Party lead attorney Roger Wareham, Esq., has confirmed the filing of a second civil lawsuit on December 7, 2010 in the Supreme Court in the County of Albany against newly appointed Education Chancellor Cathleen Black. The lawsuit petitions judgement pursuant to Article 78, 30 and 63 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules "declaring the Respondents New York State Commissioner of Education David M. Steiner's grant of a waiver and a School District Certificate to Cathleen Black which allowed her to be appointed as Chancellor of the City School District of the City of New York was arbitrary and capricious, and/or an abuse of discretion."

The lawsuit also, "enjoins Mayor Michael A. Bloomberg for installing Black as Chancellor on Janurary 1, 2011 and directs him to conduct an open, national search for a properly qualified candidate for Chancellor."

Wareham said, "Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the former employer of Ms. Black and future employer Joel Klien recently stated, 'education in the U.S. is a $500 billion sector waiting despartely to be transformed by big breakthroughs that extend the reach of great teaching,' and has just purchased 90% of Wireless Generation, one of whose clients is the New York City School system."

"Our children are not for sale. We are determined to resist this corporate hostile takeover of the NYC Public Schools to protect our children by all means available," stated Freedom Party Chair Viola Plummer.

The first court date will be on December 23, 2010 in the NYS Supreme Court in Albany. For more information call (718) 398-1766.