Have You Ever Wondered How FCGOA Suddenly

Appeared on The Scene back in February 2010 ?

Q. How Did James With NO Real Job or Steady Income after he was FIRED from his Job as a Bill Collector For The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 338 in New York Suddenly come up with $75,000 Dollars to Get FCGOA Going?


SELLING - OUT Over 188 Securitas Officers Working
at ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT

Below you will find a series of documents showing
the Real Truth about HOW Guy James Sold Out 188 Securitas Officers.

FCGOA Securitas ULP

FCGOA / SEIU Securitas Agreement

FCGOA Disclaimer

The first document revels FCGOA Filing ULP Charges against Securitas with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of these 188 Securitas Officers.

The second document reveals the agreement between FCGOA President Guy James and SEIU 32 BJ's General Counsel. On page 2 Section (B) it clearly states" Upon Execution of this agreement, Local 32BJ shall make a payment to FCGOA of the sum of $75,000.

The Third document shows FCGOA President Guy James disclaiming interest in these
188 Securitas Officers.

Please Note: After GUY JAMES SOLD-OUT These Securitas Officers, Securitas Lost the Contract and the Majority of These 188 Officers Lost Their Jobs Including the Lead Organizer for FCGOA.

After FCGOA President Guy James Sells Out These 188 Securitas Officers he Now Puts Himself on the Payroll for $1500.00 per week Funneling the Money Back To Himself

FCGOA Financial Reports

Is This Illegal? Thats A Question for The Department of Labor to Decide Contact them at: 1-866-487-2365 and Find Out.

A Closer Look at FCGOA
Also Reveals The FCGOA Is Financially BROKE?

Below is the Financial Reports of FCGOA as of February 11, 2011 the FCGOA Had only $2,216.07 in the Bank. Now Add to the Fact that FCGOA Secretary Treasurer and Executive Vice President is Owed Close to $40,000 in Back Pay and Their Attorney is Owed $30,000 Plus $$$ and Their Former Website Provider is Owed $25,000 and You Will See A CLEAR PICTURE that The Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA Is Financially BROKE!

FCGOA Financial Reports

Lawyer Fees

The Question That Must Be Asked is If FCGOA is $100,000 Dollars in Debt How Are They Going To Help You?

For More Information on What's Really Going on at FCGOA Please Visit This Website FCGOA.ORG

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