From: lubnna (at)
To: larudee (at)

I regretfully send you this second letter and will publish it publicly
as you have left us no choice.
You have appeared in the media over the last week, often stating that
you organized the Welcome to Palestine campaign. All statements you
have made in regards to this campaign were false.
As organizers, we were surprised by your statements as you were never
part of this campaign. Sadly, your declarations about our campaign
being about the right of return have confused the media and brought on
damage to our basic plan.
We appreciate your will to work for Palestine but trying to take over
any activity has profoundly affected the trust we have in you and we
would be very surprised if any respectful organization in Palestine
will be willing to work with you.
We urge you to stop giving statements to the media in the name of the
Welcome to Palestine campaign.

Lubna Masarwa
On behalf the "Welcome to Palestine" campaign