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U.S. Sanctions as a Tool of War - NYC Iran Forum
The Case of Iran and Syria

When: Saturday, march 10th
Time: 6 to 9 PM
Where: Grace & St. Paul's Church, 123 West 71st Street, NYC 10023

New York, NY - Violating international laws, the United States has seized tens of billions of dollars of Iranian assets, and drawn up sanctions against any form of economic transaction by Iranians, those naturalized U.S. citizens, as well as American businessmen. The U.S. Administration cannot claim it is a 'friend' of the Iranian people, because the people of Iran are the direct targets of the U.S. policy of economic strangulation.

Speakers Panel:

Brian Becker, National Coordinator of ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, is frequently interviewed on radio/internet stations of the foreign media –RT news, Press TV, etc. He will speak on the struggle in the US to build a strong movement opposing war, racism and facism.

Harold Burbank II – International Human Rights Lawyer, adjunct professor, International Relations, JD in International law, 2008 CT. Green Party US House Candidate. Harold will discuss sanctions as illegal and immoral acts of war and the impact on civilians.

Ramsey Clark – Former U.S. Attorney General, staunch defender of Civil Rights and International Law and Covenants, traveling around the world, leading campaigns against genocide, sanctions, war and abuse of power. Mr. Clark will discuss the current situation in Syria and the threats against Iran.

Sara Flounders – an author and activist, Co-Director of the International Action Center, on the steering committee of the United National Anti-war Committee (UNAC) and an organizer of the CANG8 or NATO/G8. Sara has traveled to both Syria and Iran on Peace Delegations. Her talk: Sanctions as a prelude to war.

Ashraf Girgis, N.M.D. – (Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate,) MS in Nursing. Stress Management Consultant & Therapist. Ashraf, a native born Iranian American, woman will speak about the multitude of lies and slanders against Iran and the tensions facing Iranians in the U.S. during this increased talk of war.

Sponsored by: American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)


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