Right now the politicians, especially the two main candidates, are busying themselves telling us every way imaginable about the various ways their opponent is the worst thing possible. They are telling us about how their opponent is the worst person for the job they are campaigning so heavily for. Each is attempting to weigh us down with their own list of why's and how's regarding their opponent's unfitness for the position in question.
This could not be exemplified better than by the two people currently running for the highest office in the land. The person set to take the election is the establishment candidate, as he is the person most able to project an image that the idea the American dream is still alive and well is a reality and not just … well an idea. He fits the narrative that says “after the Bush years you can count on the fact that in America even a nobody can rise to the top and that the American dream is still alive, is not a lie, is not fake and is a true thing.” That image is important back home, especially after eight years of an administration that flaunted the laws of the country, grabbed power and led us into one war against the foes that attacked us on 9-11 which they then quickly moved to all but abandon for another war with a thin veil of justification using false connections to 9-11 getting most of us and almost all of Congress behind it.
The Bush administration was about as bad as it got, and may have been the worst presidential administration since the Nixon Administration – possibly worse. However, they got big oil an in like they had not had in years. It gave big oil corporations access to oil deposits they previously had no access to. Cheney arranged for the company that he was head of to go in and rake in billions from all manner of government contracts they got sans having to bid on them. The Bush family were oil people and their buddies got a nice Christmas present that year didn't they? We – the ones that foot the bills in taxes and lives – got higher prices at the pump for our troubles.
Through Afghanistan, big mining concerns were able to position themselves strategically in order to get their hands on huge deposits of resources, like lithium. In fact the deposits of lithium are so vast, the Pentagon described it in excited terms as “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium.” Why the Pentagon would be so excited about something only private industry, that won't be hiring Americans to do the digging, will benefit from is curious. I mean this is America and the concerns of government and large corporations, like those that would benefit from natural resources such as lithium, are separate, right? Why would the Pentagon be jumping for joy? How would it benefit them?
Of course the whole thing gave the powers that be the opportunity to tell us over and over that imminent death was just around the corner for the entire nation if we didn't ramp up military spending, and our foreign based military presence. Now we are set to point more guns at the area of the world supplying wealthy corporations with cheap labor, incase those governments decide they want to run things differently than would be beneficial to the bottom line of wealthy corporations.
Our economy isn't much better and we still feel the pinch. We want to know how we will pay our mortgages, car payments, save for the kid's college plans, put away for retirement and we don't get much from either side to address all our taxes that go to waste or how we get the economy back on track. Overseas these things are also known about our nation, thus it's important to not allow our image slip abroad either for big corporations that intend to do business in foreign nations.
Back home all we get from them is finger pointing, the double talk, the gotchas, the zingers, the jokes, the flip flops, wait a minute's, waffling and so forth. What we rarely get, if ever, are admissions that neither of the current two candidates really know how to get the nation back on track in an expedient manner. What we never get them to admit, is that when it comes to action on that larger issues, though they talk a good game of separation, they are about the same. Obama continued in Bush's footsteps on many of the very issues he so tried to distance himself from in 2008 while campaigning during that election season.
Why? Because he is an establishment candidate. Mitt Romney is no different. You don't have one view and another. You don't have one political ideology versus another. You have an establishment candidate Plan A, and you have an establishment candidate Plan B.
If we compressed all the air in between the accusations and other dramatic mechanisms used to distract us, we would see two men just looking to get into position to then serve the interests of wealthy donors for the sake of themselves and their parties. Obama as president says anyone can make it, even the minority son of a poor immigrant from a third world nation. If people catch on that it's getting too easy for him, no problem, compacting it down we get the son of a man that came from another third world nation and was raised in a non-traditional religious belief system. Not as big a statement, but it still says, “anyone can make it,” though not as loudly. That's important for big businesses looking to convince foreign nations to work with them.
Compacting it down, it's not conservative versus liberal, it's A vs B. Same thing either way. Compacting it down it's garbage meant to convince us things went the way we chose via flashing lights and more twists, especially towards the end, than a TV series season finale, rather than it being a fast food restaurant getting you to choose the same burger with or without cheese. But either way the big sponsors get what they want … compacting it down, that is. The only way Americans begin to avoid getting dumped on is when members of third parties and independents in significant numbers begin to be elected to Congress so we can start running checks and balances. Until then, it's just a pile of garbage in either direction. I've heard it said somewhere that there are two ways to control people, one being hope and the other fear. In 2008 it was the former. In 2012 it's the latter. Whatever the outcome this year how much would we really expect to change over the next four years? How many genuine human surprises do you think they have for us?
To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.