About two weaks ago I had a talk with an old man decribing how US troops during second world war were coming into Mainz. Mainz is located at the west side of the river Rhein, which was building a natural barrier for further going towards Berlin and the US soldiers were coming from France.
He said that the first row of infanerists where walking through the streets with rifles among their chests ready for shooting and the second row of soldiers behind was just giving food-packets and sweets to the children. Hours before about 30 family fathers hitting white flags from the windows were kept outside the city and killed by the german administration.
The day after there were some crazy youngsters founding bazookas and rifles and a boot and tried to fight with shooting from the boat in the middle of the river. His father of the old man who told me the story was going to them throwing the arms into the Rhine, giving them a face slap to go home.
This picture of US soldiers is gone. If you go to the bone houses and grave fields of young American men who gave their live in the age of twentysomething - they are mostly located in France at the boarder - you feel the spirit of humanity and the perspective of love inherently connected with the precious lives the gave to and for us. And you feel their parents, parents and sisters crying for their loved ones not coming home to the land of their families.

Why America was loved and is hatred

If we look back about the mildew in the time after the war and McCarthy „there was a kind of hush all over the world“. Based on the change in the US it swapped to Europe: The political, sexual, technical and social revolution and somehow the dismantlement of the authorities leading to the feeling of more real democracy and the recognising of the precious human rights as standard without exception and a result of learning from ww2. This was great but its all gone.
The political correct name „the American trauma“ was standing for the vietnam war with the result of 3 - 4 billion killed civilians. More bombs than during the second world war were fallen at this country and the US was responsible for this massacre on children burned with napalm and poisoned with agent orange.
If you compare the vietnam war and 9/11 you would com to the conclusion that vietnam war was a 9/11 at 24 hours a day 7 days a week for many years. This also showed the brain washing manipulation that billions of deaths of US victims do not have any emotional effect but the victims on 9/11 brought the country in one line to justify wage large wars against Afghanistan and Iray.
The US administration was selling the idea that Afghanistan and Iraq was responsible for 9/11 by hiding terrorists despite they are now saying they have no evidence that these countries had anything to do with it. In Iraq about 1 billion people were killed for this reason. So many people think that this rule should be applied to perpetrators themselves. And who is this country of napalm and agent orange, does it have a name? Many people ask if it is unfair to request the same punishment for this phony country as this is requesting und executing all the time for others? The rule of „I do not discuss and attack“ of Bush in response to the Taliban offering to deliver Osama Bin Laden to the US, if evidence in accordance to international standards is presented. Beside this the Taliban were offering to deliver him to court in a neutral country. So hate was spread as much as possible throughout the world and the fruits of it will grow and you will have to eat them.
Can you understand that Obamas „responisble to react“ or „responible to protect“ is not wanted by the world because its true meaning is „responsible to kill“? And that Romneys „red line“ in Iran attacking this country if the iran is capable to build an atomic bomb is just against the nuclear non proliferation treaty which guaranties a state of the art development in civil nuclear technology . This would always include the capability to build a nuclear bomb. Because last is a technology of 1945 and we live in 2012.

The real change

The promise of Obamas „we can change“ did not happen. This were words without any definition working as dream fields for the hope and wishes of the masses. The true change is to bring back the US to a country loved by the world and make it happen by the smartness and pragmatism of the American people, which is still there. You can see it in the help of the neighbours in new york city for the victims of the sandy storm. Where is your multi billion dollar Fema apparatus?
A real change means to stop toture, to stop killing people by drones, to stop wars and to give the poorer people in the US a basic guaranteed living standards and education. Is phony accusation, loss of civil rights and bombs all, what the US can give to the world? I think not, but only you US fellows can make the difference happen to bring back the US home to a great country which is not an occupier of but loved and invited by the world.