But, aside from questions about what happens next, we will be wondering things like where all the love went during this season's campaigns. We will want to know why there was such a different tone this year from last year. Was it because of people being so fed up with both parties they might go elsewhere? Was it that people were so disgusted with the lack of progress they received from both parties it was likely they might look to alternative sources for voicing their political needs, like third parties?
Here we are 2012, the Tea Party was all over America in the last elections and Occupy Wall Street only just got crushed and stamped out by the powers that be in 2011 (both Democrat and Republican), and we still only really have two options to choose from. We can go to any convenience store and have 20 – 30 different options in soft drinks that will be consistently available each time we go there, and, yet, we still have the same two parties we've been stuck with for over one hundred years now, year in and year out with few true alternatives that stray or once were outside of those bounds. Every election season it's the same two party's since before cars, phones, an electric grid and when people all had buckles on their shoes with few alternatives that truly came up on their own, were not people that were from one or another party then went third party/independent because they had political ambitions and couldn't cut it as one of the establishment types or were some wealthy person just looking to do something sleight of hand and somewhat contrived in order to purchase a seat? We never hear about the other real options. Why?
Was it because of the fact people were starting to question this status quo and tradition as perhaps not in the best interest of the majority of us that we had so much distracting fear? Why? Why not the hope and change mantras that were so ubiquitous in 2008? Why all the going for the jugular?
Is that really what Americans need at a time when we are still facing dire straits in the world? Is that really what is needed when our economy is still recovering from the recklessness of massive deregulation and idiocy of allowing the financial sector to police itself? Is that really what is needed after we've just ended one war and are still unsure about the other? Is that really what is needed after being let down by so many administrations in a row?
After the last few administrations one thing has become clear, there are no really big differences between the only two parties we are allowed to choose from. The differences are on the details, not the big picture issues, though we are often made to believe differently. Look at the debates between Republican presidential candidates during the primaries, all those people that were so different from the president for them to choose from, and who did the entire Republican party establishment throw it's money, might and endorsements behind? That's right, the candidate the GOP establishment chose was not one of the people ideologically far apart, but someone not only close to the president on the issues, but that had crafted the very piece of legislation his own party had railed so heavily against ever since its introduction by the president's party in 2009 – the health care legislation. Not an alternative, just another side of the same coin.
After a year of town hall screaming, conservative leaning news channels taking out full page ads in the New York Times about it, the introduction of new faces into the political roundtables of cable news channels and an entire movement that was supposed to be the birth of something new – the GOP chose “universal health care” Mitt. Why exactly? How has the race become so close with a candidate so like the president on an issue that just two years ago was the bane of the GOP?
After the GOP primary candidates went at each other with bats over the issue of which candidate was the most conservative, they picked the second to least conservative candidate among GOP primary contenders and most prominent flip flopper. Huh?
With the poll numbers the president was having, a candidate with the kind of record, exemplified by Romney, including bowing to the pressures of corporate interests that throw big money behind campaigns, would make president Obama look good. This is especially true considering how much of president Obama's base and believers became so disenchanted with his policy decisions after his 2008 election.
Either way, both will have to be the face of grappling with the economy. Either way, both will have to be the face of dealing with pulling out of Afghanistan, other foreign policy issues and the next potential terrorist attack on US soil that the most well funded, sophisticated intelligence body in the world will once again have had all the clues for, but just happened to have missed again, possibly killing hundreds if not thousands of us in the process and no doubt leading to more wasteful war, that just happens to open the door to more grabbing of oil, lithium or god knows what else from the next place. Both have shown the propensity towards doing as commanded regarding foreign policy also.
Perhaps, we lack the hope and change mantras of 2008 this year because of the fact the two major parties, and people that could not cut it as one or the other and fashioned themselves as outsiders just a year later to get some political power, no longer are driven as much by the people as they are by the small minority of wealthy corporate interests (less than 1% of our country's entire population). Perhaps that's why these elections seem to run on so little honor, a failure of honor even, a lack of honorable performance and so much low level dirt slinging exists. These aren't rap beefs, real housewife snipe attacks or other reality show confession room mudslinging. This is for the highest office in the land. It is supposed to be a measure of who we are as these are supposed to be people that reflect what we are as a country. They are supposed to be the best of us. They are supposed to say to our children, “this is what a good American, the best from among us, should be like.”
We shouldn't have to be covering our kid's ears when political ads by a person that is potentially the next president of the United States of America comes on the screen. Yet, nowadays we almost have to. Either that, or tell them they are not to repeat that at school or to their siblings.
Neither party has transcended the problems or really established exactly how they are so very different from each other, outside of talk. After tomorrow these elections will be over, maybe a tiny bit longer if they drag on with some last minute glitches, malfunctions, “hah gotcha's,” etc. But they can't go on forever and when they are over, we, the everyday Americans, the average Americans, the majority of the population, will be stuck with the same problem. That is the problem of having essentially the same two parties, and the same wealthy corporate forces that have them both steadfastly in their pockets finding every way to stamp out all challenges to that system. That will be as it always is save, perhaps some flukes, perhaps some wealthy corporate people that falsely fashioned themselves as independents after failing to cut the mustard with one or the other of the two major parties, etc., Why? For one thing, it's because it could make things difficult, confusing and more expensive for those wealthy corporate interests currently controlling what folks get into office through their donations, thus shifting power out of their hands and back into ours.
So long as it's Democrats or Republicans, no matter what party is in control, it will be a different face, but the same basic actions and countervailing rhetoric meant to make us think there's a significant difference. But remember, TARP was supported by both parties as was the decision to go into Iraq. Two parties, same difference for everyday Americans no matter which emerges victorious. As for the highest office in the land, Barack Obama, the establishment favorite is scheduled to win, unless the powers that be decide we caught on to the fact that things seemed a little too contrived this season, then we get, either a last minute skirmish or kerfuffle of some sort, or the backup plan (Mitt Romney) gets the election. Either way we lose - period.
To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.