The Palestinians select and dress their children to look like regular blond European and American girls. They then have them taunt IDF soldiers, aiming to provoke a reaction which will then be filmed and broadcast across the globe - with Ha'aretz and The Guardian in the lead of course.

Look carefully how one girl antagonises a soldier, and see how photographers wait for the 'perfect shot' to relay around the globe as yet another piece of anti-Israel news reporting.

This will then be portrayed as a spontaneous brutal attack by an armed and uniformed Israeli soldier against an innocent Palestinian girl.

This is film that you will never see on your mainstream TV news -- but it happens on a regular basis.

The blonde girl is a fixture at Nabi Saleh protests, which are frequently violent. She is often at the front, "in the soldiers' face"

I believe it is she who appears briefly in a trailer for the documentary 'We are Nabi Saleh' (still looking for co-funding)

She is the daughter of Palestinian “activist” Bassem Tamimi, and appears in some other Nabi Saleh protest videos, marked "Tamimi Press"

The blogger Elder of Zion' has named the blonde girl "Shirley Temper" and has made this musical compilation of her 'greatest hits':


Guess what -- the BBC is using a photo of this exploited child (A’hd Tamimi, the daughter of Bassem Tamimi and his wife, Nariman who films for B’Tselem’s video project) to show the supposed "brutality" of the IDF: